15 Indian Portrait Artists who Create Photographic Portraits!

15 Indian Portrait Artists who Create Photographic Portraits!

Of all the art styles, there is one genre that often gets the double-take. "Realism" has been prominent since the 1970s, and the talent we have curated represents some of the best Portrait Artists in India today.

Since time immemorial, artists have strived to depict the world around them. While many take the route of abstractions or symbolism, fine art is also represented by the intricate details of realism. Hyper-realism, an advancement of photorealism, is a visual art genre of sketching, painting or sculpture that resembles a high-resolution photograph made popular in the early 1970s.

Considering that these pieces make you look twice and marvel at the fact that they are handmade, there's no doubt that realism artists are well on their way to their 10,000 hours. We've collected 15 amazing portrait artists from India who adopts realism in some capacity in their stunning artwork.

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