Re-defining TV Branding for Today’s Viewer!

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Dynamite Design shows us how they produce impactful TV branding in a time when digital entertainment production and consumption is at an all time high.

CG. What, according to you, are the most fundamental and essential aspects of TV branding?

Dynamite: 3 things. Format, Genre and Audience. To smoothly navigate our layouts, it becomes essential to consider which format, either SD or HD, we are broadcasting in. Similarly, when dealing with a diverse set of genres such as movies, general entertainment, sports and so on, we take into account each genre’s uniquely different requirements. Finally, we make sure we understand who the audience is, based on demographics and tastes, as these further help us determine our approach to our design process.

CG. How is designing for the TV different from designing for other mediums?

Dynamite: We are out here creating new brands because someone, somewhere has identified a gap, and as a design house our mission is to occupy that space with as much responsibility in as beautiful and relevant a manner as possible. The design process is pretty much the same as when you design for any medium. The difference here is that the solution is not a static frame or a product, but a dynamic system that literally breathes life and character into the channel.

CG. What helps decide the tone of the visuals?

Dynamite: It is the audience, genre and format. When we design for an HD channel, we know we are dealing with a more evolved audience. Also, HD allows us to use a larger gamut of colours and gradients that the SD format can’t support. So, from imagery to typography, colours, gradients, and the palette, everything opens up completely when we are designing an HD channel.

CG. What is the main motive to achieve when creating TV branding, and how do you make sure it’s engaging?

Dynamite: The main motive is to present content in the best way possible. So, we keep in mind how the viewers’ eye needs to move and register information in a seamless and effortless manner. The biggest motive really is for the viewer to enjoy the experience, even during the breaks. So our job is really to create packaging that is sticky, and to keep the viewers engaged throughout their TV viewing hours.

CG. What is the overall approach and process you follow in your works for television?

Dynamite: We ask a lot of questions! This helps our clients articulate their ‘marketing’ brief in an informal and honest manner. Once we feel we’re on the same page, we take it back to the team for our brainstorm sessions. We are a pretty old school in our approach. In such a saturated market, any new player coming in has to have a unique proposition for the viewer. As a standard, content is always king.

If the broadcaster has to survive or be noticed; it is imperative that the carriage of that content/programming is well thought through. If it’s not presented interestingly enough, no one’s going to give it a chance. So, we really have to get a core understanding of the brand in place before we start our process.

TV Branding

For each of the Broadcast properties, it is identifying the core values that differentiate them in the mind of the consumer Branding then is simply a matter of creating communication that connects the broadcast brand instantly and intuitively to the targeted consumer.

CG. What is your advice to others practising?

Dynamite: Follow a clearly defined process. Be committed to what you have to offer. Don’t cut corners, as this is a profession that requires educating our clients about the value of branding. This is our constant struggle and quest. We have a talent pool of amazing designers in this country, yet, most of our clients prefer working abroad with international agencies. We need to be able to build trust, accountability and align as partners if we need to break that stereotype.

Issue 40-Motion Graphics Special

Published in Issue 40

We all have favourite TV shows and we passionately discuss the stories and characters of it. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the channel and its branding. Now with many different channels to choose from, we are experiencing many new branding overhauls to grab the audience’s attention. This issue features interviews with some of the well-known studios and teams of Motion Graphics from India and overseas, including FutureDeluxe Studio from London, Dynamite Design, Adaar and RocketScience Lab from India. It also includes digital artist, Renju MV, highlighting his exceptional control over the medium. If you are interested in moving design or animated content then this issue is a must-read for you!


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