Define Your Personal Style Through Humour

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Conveying humour through ones individual style is an art form, not so common to be found. Diego Gómez has mastered this and gathered a modest but loyal audience in a really short span of time.

Humour in own style
Bagheera. Ink line art and watercolours

As a kid, Diego was the kind of a quiet person, making his own fun, paper toys, monsters, adventures. Drawing was just an extension of this, which he calls a Mind Printer!

90's Mindfuck

Not really knowing where his inspiration came from, but the European comics with exaggerated proportions, big hands, black, solid shadows, bold lines which made an impact on his mind. Always wanting to draw monsters, the cheap nineties music, video-games and Godzilla movies were a constant bombardment of ideas back then.

Jill, Watch Out

Not so much into realism, he is of the opinion that the techniques necessary to achieve a style are which only a few can master successfully and they should be praised for it.

For Ever. Ink line-art and watercolours
Martian Hearts

Defining the Personal Style!

With an inclination towards drawing in an exaggerated way, he looks for inspiration in the everyday world with a different perspective, like big eyes, feet, head, colours, or anything that is distinct.

Yōkais be hangin

Specialising in comic art, he uses a variety of tools to put his message across, like stories hidden in the background, messages on the wall, weird tattoos, background characters engaged in something and reference humour.

An Artwork Titled Dude
Chicken Blows

He likes to draw his characters looking at themselves, acting rude, which is a strange thing. He likes how weird people can be in terms of their appearance, their dressing sense and how they are painted by pop culture and this defines his style and concept of art.

An Artwork Titled Get Weird

Fascinated by the retro trends which are now hot again and back in fashion, he finds them funny and takes them to be layers of disguises, that end up being their own thing, something similar to Vaporwave.

An illustration of a Self Hating Base Boy

A Part of You in What You Do!

Conceptualising always involves things related to yourself, whether good, bad or ugly, the routine stuff like childhood experiences, depression and happy memories. Diego, in the future, is thinking of planting sillier concepts to farm happier thoughts.

Fight. An illustration showing the clash between real life responsibilities and entertainment
Cover art for a little song

When conveying the messages to your viewers, the use of reference humour simplifies the process for an artist. But of course, having an idea to start out with is necessary, which is then followed by the magic of illustration gripping the readers with humour.

Partners. An illustration made for a pet themed fair

Diego is the kind of a person who reads the whole thread of comments in a polemical thread, and while certainly having his opinions, he chooses not to express there.

Get Off My Head

Unique-ing Your Trademark!

The style of illustration, for some people, means drawing the same thing again and again in the same way in order to get people acquainted with ones work and also to establish ones’ trademark in the market. Diego hopes to do more than that.

Pan. An illustration made in support of a pet adoption season event

His style includes drawing weird people and weird monsters but it’s the technical aspect of doing his art which makes his work different from the rest and gets him clients.

Punks & Dinosaurs
An artwork titled Live Free

Doing the line art by hand followed by traditional or digital painting is his way of creating illustrations. With a personal liking towards the black and white layer, he wishes to have mastered the art of drawing lines and shadows when he was little.

Urban Bianca. An artwork for a Pokemon themed illustrator collective

Illuminating the Springing Talent.

Advising the young and emerging illustrators on stepping into the professional world, he suggests them to categorize their work into sections and then picking and putting the best of each together. This combined output should be treated as a piece of art in itself, giving it life by using different styles of fonts, characters, colours and ones’ personal design language to completely symbolize it with the individual.

Dating Cages. An illustration representing long distance relationships of today

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