Daily Dose of Art, Collaborative Calendar by Sona Papers

Sona Paper Calendar

Most of the times, the best possible way to express and promote an idea is the easiest and is right there in front of our eyes, but we often tend to ignore it. Sona Signature Papers cracked a brilliant advertising scheme to create a statement through the use of a simple calendar, ‘Daily Dose of Art’.

Sona Paper Calendar

For a company to be successful, it is of utmost importance to reach out to ones’ clients in the simplest and easiest way possible.

For a paper company like Sona to showcase the different types of creative papers it produces, it was an exceptionally smart idea to create their 2018-19 calendar not as just a calendar, but as 365 different canvases, representing all the different paper varieties available! This calendar is called the ‘Daily Dose of Art’ as it portrayed 365 exceptional works of art created by 365 young artists from all over India.

Every single day and date is unique in itself as it has been customised by the artists in their own individual art styles. This calendar will make each day colourful, bright and different as the art styles used are infinite. In fact, it is not only limited to two-dimensional styles like charcoal, oil-painting, water-colours, pencil-art, typography, illustrations and graphic-art but also includes three-dimensional hand-crafted and clay art.

The Mumbai-based creative agency ‘The Social Street’ was engaged in the creation of this calendar.

It is not only a portfolio of upcoming artists, but it also goes a long way in becoming a first-of-its-kind paper catalogue for Sona to display some of the exclusive range of creative fine papers.

This calendar was first showcased in Bangalore in an event jointly organised by Sona Papers and HP India. Since the time of this calendar’s launch, it has been in the limelight and has been accredited with a silver and two bronze awards at Creative Abby Awards, a part of the GOAFEST 2018.

This “Daily Dose of Art”, not only helped Sona Papers to advertise their products in a beautiful manner but also made a statement through a piece of art!

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