Celebrating Football with Qatari Culture, FIFA unveiled the Qatar 2022 Poster!

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Traditional headwear is a theme throughout the tournament, from the FIFA World Cup logo, the mascot, and even one of the stadium designs.

Credit: Fifa

Collaborating with Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftaht FIFA has revealed the official World Cup poster for Qatar 2022. It’s a dynamic image that gives off the feeling of motion and excitement, and certainly a novel choice to focus on a single aspect of the culture, depicting traditional local headwear being thrown in the air – a common celebration amongst soccer fans in the region, instead of portraying the more obvious aspects of the country, the Doha Skyline and shiny new stadiums.

The design is majorly black-and-white and consists of highlights of the dark burgundy color of the Qatar flag in the official tournament logo and traditional Telstar-style ball.

“My main inspiration was the concept of collective memory,” said Al Muftah. “Most of my work focuses on past experiences, and memories, tying them to the present and archiving them in a contemporary manner. I wanted the posters to follow this theme and tell the story of Qatar’s football culture.”

Credit: Fifa

The official poster Qatar 2022 may not be as colourful as the posters created for different host cities for World Cup 2018, but it certainly does an impeccable job at showcasing the Qatari culture.

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