Digital Bank Brand Identity

Bank of Baroda, also known as BOB, required a brand

Graphic Design Trends 2022 by Mira Malhotra

Graphic design is a fast-moving discipline, with trends changing massively


A portfolio is not just a record of your work, and it's defiantly not a compilation of your illustrations, photographs, or logo bank, it

A good place to start is a better understanding of where consumer behaviour is headed. Mintel predicts that there are seven global consumer trends

Kurnal Rawat, Creative Director for Landor & Fitch, tells us how brands have changed in the past two decades and what it takes to

To give custom solutions to the client one must understand their requirements and expectations. Though every client has its own uniques needs but to

After completing my MBA, I joined an advertising agency where I fell in love with the whole concept of designing communication. For two months,

Illustrator Saurabh Chandrekar explains how kept himself open to every brief throughout his journey of being an artist/ illustrator and how his style has

Mira Malhotra distinctly classifies the nitty-gritty of Indian design and the reasons why it is so different from design that comes out through most

You must have tried your hands on many different projects to harness different skill sets but it can be a problem when it comes