The day we evolve from the life's basic needs and moved to cave paintings, rituals and festivals, the colours have a special space in

'Brand' is termed as the prestige of your company. The procedural and pre-planned strategies for the betterment of a brand are determined as the

Recently done rebranding of State Bank of India by Design Stack from its conventional state to more representative of current times and digital services.

With over a decade of diverse experience in branding industry and donning different hats like Creative Director and Account Planner, Ninee Rao has joined

Sweets are not simply a delicacy, they’re intrinsically linked to auspicious occasions and traditional festivals in the Indian culture. It was thus no surprise

Lopez Design, named after the lead designer Anthony Lopez, started back in 1997 when design in India was still in its nascent stages. Today

A graduate of the Sir J.J. School of Applied Arts, Lokesh Karekar had worked for design firms like Grandmother India and Alok Nanda. He

With a masters degree in Visual Communication from Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay, Mayuri Nikumbh has more than a decade’s experience with successful stints

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