You can see so much more with one eye closed.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography blends commercial photography and fine arts. After you


Portraiture, as an art form, is much older than photography. Great masters have spent their lives learning this art. Vikas Sharma, a self taught

The word patience is synonymous with birds photography, which makes it one of the most challenging forms of the art. A photographer has almost

The photographer Jasminder Oberai shares quick tips and tricks to capture the landscape in better frames.

From mountains to rivers and deserts to seas, the beauty that nature presents before us is mesmerising. At times jaw-dropping and other times breathtaking,

It’s easy to watch a sixty-minute play, stand up and clap or look at a painting or portrait for hours and be spellbound. In

Eco-Honours graduate transformed into a food-styling expert, Payal Gupta, takes us through her detailed process of food-styling and what it really takes to be

The fashion photographer lists down the essentials to capture those moments that make an occasion special.

Revitalizing your creative spirit can be challenging at times. Watching photography documentaries can be extremely effective to break the rut. These documentaries are visually

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