The design has the power to solve any complex problem. Elephant using this power of design to create exceptional brands and develop amazing products

Shreesh Shankar, founder of Sukkrish AADDS list seven sustainable packaging trends in 2020 that your brand can choose from.

Fun. It’s what everyone wants. So why not give it to them? Incorporating this very insight in branding and packaging transforms a non-living object

Packaging has been for long an ignored discipline of design. But the trend has changed nowadays, and it is becoming an exciting space for

In such complicated times, it’s all about being simple. Simple is effective when it comes to design, believes Lundgren+Lindqvist, a Swedish design studio. It’s

The frolic brand has become one of the experts in the making of Italian cheese in many different flavors. Since 1993, they are the

The brand name, list of ingredients and description as well. How do you fit all this into a limited space and still make it

Users are aware of trends demanding trendy products. Brands succumb to these demands to have a stronger say and a longer stay in the