Maintaining the classic Helvetica simplicity, the latest launch gives new

Logo of AESL and BYJUs

BYJU'S acquired Aakash Educational Services (AESL) in April 2021. A


The well-known television network- BBC, has had a variety of logos in the past, from using the Court of Arms to redesigning the minimalistic

Introduced in June 2021, Google’s new tool - Paint with Music allows you to combine painting and music with just some brush strokes. Being

BBC Creative, the company's in-house agency, recently launched its Japanese style Olympics 2020 campaign through a 1-minute trailer.

Taking a cue from each other and the current pandemic situation, brands are altering their logos to incorporate relevant positive messages and stay

The Indian company, Polygon, is making the headlines in the NFT world as it launches Beeple's Wenew.

Renowned global toy manufacturing company, Lego, is now attempting to be ecologically sustainable by 2030.

Dabur to shift its Red toothpaste packaging to a carton-free one in a move to empower underprivileged kids at C.R.Y with notebooks while also

The Indian award tally has increased by one metal since the past two Cannes Lions Festival Of Creativity, Dentsu Webchutney visibly playing a huge

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