As the UAE geared up to join millions of people across the world in raising awareness of the issues facing the planet, Pizza Hut

Apple's secret mysteriously revealed? iMac 2021 – the latest chatter amidst creative geeks. Here's taking a look at what exactly is cooking.

Coca-Cola, the beverage giants, have launched a new campaign in Europe, titled “Open to Better,” with an aim to encourage the fans to “pledge

The colourful Mahabharata written by Kamala Subramaniam inspired the Italian Artist Giampaolo Tomassetti to create the illustrative version of it and Art-Ma is presenting

Future London Academy collaborated with global artists and designers to ‘Design the Future’, speculate what it will be like in 100 years #future100years

One of the most popular and commonly used typefaces ‘Helvetica’ has been redrawn by the designers at Monotype to suit the needs of a

Every year AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) invites agencies to take a part in Adfest’s contest which help spread a social message. This

The base colour of new 10 rupees note is quite delicious, indeed, one could say — that's because it is chocolate brown.

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