Nature is blessed with a wonderful variety of things and one that captures the eyes of many are the animals. Created in various forms

Illustrator and designer, Anant Kulkarni, takes us through a visual journey by illustrating and explaining how imagery is a powerful tool of communication. He

Freelance illustrator, Pratima Unde, takes us on a journey of depicting human emotions on canvas. She thereby describes and provides insight on how it

Packaging has been for long an ignored discipline of design. But the trend has changed nowadays, and it is becoming an exciting space for

Colours can paint a good picture or spoil it all together, literally. Graphic Designer, Meroo Seth, speaks about and elaborates upon her approach towards

Imagine a rickshaw puller who sits majestically in his vehicle, like a king, murmuring an old song, that’s one of those moments, which brings

We are amidst the times of discussion and debate about art, craft, and design. In spite of that, the fact remains that a piece

Fantasy and realism are conflicting thoughts. Yet, for a fantasy character to be believable, it is important to bring in a sense of ‘otherworldliness’

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