An illustrator and cartoonist, Charbak Dipta gives us a peek into his world of inspiration and then how he transforms his ideas into mesmerising

To be a success story, one needs to dedicate and devote two hundred percent from your heart and of course, be blissful at heart.

Palehorse, an illustrator from the US is highly influenced by Indian mythology and Gods, which is reflected in his art. From creating abstract manifestations

Character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist, Ritaban Das, takes s through his own style of telling stories through illustrations in a single frame style

A Pune-based illustrator, Rohan Dahotre has graduated in animation from the Symbiosis Institute of Design. After working for about 2 years in the animation

Tapping into a world that’s wonderfully chaotic, digital artist Satish Gangaiah integrates new-age technology with traditional art to bring out the central and common

Changing jobs and switching fields never let Zigor Samaniego’s love for art die. It instead inspired him and gave him the strength to follow

Though we are a country full of festivals all around the year, this special time of year when not only you change your calendar

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