A key factor to be successful is clarity on the path forward. Panini Pandey, a New York based visual artist seems to have all

18 Free Calligraphy Fonts

Don’t just put a font for the sake of it, put it for creating an impactful impression on the reader. Browse through this list

Inspiring Packaging

20 best innovative & inspiring packaging designs, which will not just motivate you to create appealing designs but also give you update on current

Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga

The EuroVision project is a collaboration between 26 artists from all over Europe & the world to create their own interpretation and celebration of

Rob Draper - Back to Basics

With this project, Rob Draper wanted to go back to basics. The inspiration came from how elaborate can he take the ballpoint pen and

Artificial Intelligence

Recently Google created quite a bit of a stir with its demonstration of Duplex, an AI system that can converse with humans in natural

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