10 rupees old

The base colour of new 10 rupees note is quite delicious, indeed, one could say — that's because it is chocolate brown.

Graphic Design Tends 2017

Currents in the graphic design world are constantly changing, and those trends that keep adapting, growing and switching affect the entire business world. If

Beauty of Human Sculptures

Passionate about sculpting human forms, Japanese artist, Nagato Iwasaki uses driftwood to create life-size human sculptures that are slightly creepy, yet beautiful.

zee cinema rebranding

The changing times call for every channel to rediscover themselves often and to refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design

Spectranet Rebranding with Unique Typeface

The new revamped design of Spectranet is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni

Illustrator and designer, Anant Kulkarni, takes us through a visual journey by illustrating and explaining how imagery is a powerful tool of communication. He

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