The UI UX designer Arun Pattnaik has spent more than

UX Design

User experience is embracing a widespread implementation of trending technologies


Considering how everything is progressively going digital today, the web scenario is fast evolving. With that, web design is becoming more relevant and significant

When it comes to design, the first impression is always the last impression. Your users may like your website, but how do you make

E-commerce websites have become the driving force for businesses these days. With dynamic features like advanced filtering, animation, 360 degree product reviews and super

Lead UI Designer of Lollypop, Sathish Natarajan, highlights shifting trends of UI design and how it is making more suitable clients.

Freelance UX designer, Arun Pattnaik advocates that your brand can either have good or a bad UX but ‘no UX’ is impossible. A well

The current generation has been witness and subject to the considerable shift and scale of change in technology and, thus, the way in which

As technology continues to sweep us off our feet, designers are constantly working hard to explore beyond the realms of digital space to provide

Krasi Stoimenov is a Lead UI/ UX designer at Lottotech, Belgium. After completing a degree in marketing, he reconnected with his hobby and has

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