By giving these products a personality, design can turn them into expressions of a culture and human emotions. Product designer Satyendra Pakhalé talks about the perceptions and process of

In the times of COVID-19, masks have become the necessity for everyone, but using and throwing out a disposable mask daily creates a huge

We all know product design is the seamless fit of form and functionality. But it’s not just about how closely you look but also

Every invention sparks from a problem that needs to be solved. Young product designer Uttara Ghodke feels a product is simply a unique combination

Product design has evolved from simply taking into consideration the physical dimension and form. It’s now all about using technology and design to give

In today’s world where problems are evolving, so are the needs and desires. “As a product designer, you need to incorporate a solution in

They were a fad back in the 70s. They are redefining jewellery design now. Beads are adding contemporary sensibilities to classical thoughts to create

It's not about the end, it's about the journey. Well, for Roopam Sharma, his journey from a model to a visionary is mind-boggling. He

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