Design trends from eras gone by seeming to be cycling back into vogue faster than ever before, and logos are getting bolder and less

In the world of innumerable artists and their brilliant artwork, inspirations are everywhere. Follow the top 30 Indian illustrators and be a go-getter!

Illustrator Nipen Bhuyan is an illustrator deeply influenced by his hometown, Arunachal Pradesh. Book covers, posters and Hike stickers are some of his prime

Vibhav Singh is a Bangalore-based artist and illustrator who turns the mundane into the extraordinary through the innovative use of storytelling and narrative building.

With a keen interest in English Literature and Cinema, Dhiman Gupta channels his vibrant colours and lines in his pop art. Along with a

Mumbai Artist Retreat is a rural retreat for artists wanting to work in nature while keeping the city skyline in sight, with a view

All that is glitters (read foreign) is not gold. So believes, Studio Kohl, a boutique studio, founded by Mira Malhotra, that reflects the Indian

The paper-based recyclable design by Studio VDGA was created for an electric-components manufacturing firm that is transitioning away from its past activity of producing