Sahil Trivedi developed an artistic eye for creating visual worlds for millions of gamers around the world from a very young age. After completing

Highlighting illustration aspects such as lighting and colours, Naveen Selvanathan also dwells on his own personal story as an artist.

What do you do when design schools don't seem to work for you? Tanmay, a Prague-based illustrator and concept artist shows us how you

Concept and 3D artist Bhaskar Rac, who’s been working extensively in character development, 3D sculpting, and the likes, expresses how one can come up

Seerow Unni, a keen animator, takes us through his approach and process of designing. He sheds light on how he arrives at improvising in

Being different, standing out from the crowd and shining like a star is what every achiever dreams of, but not everyone achieves it. Jithin

Concept Artist Renju MV discusses the process of creating an effective narrative by blending the knowledge of traditional mediums into digital tools and the

The Mahabharata has been told and depicted in various forms and formats. However, Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist, Mukesh Singh, never felt satisfied and

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