Pune-based design agency, Elephant Design, recently displayed the power of the British Bulldog, Witlinger beer’s powerful mascot, in a re-branding initiative and process for

Bengaluru becomes the first city to have a logo of its own in the country. The logo is a blend of cultural heritage and

Branding and commercials are no longer limited to 2D visuals and graphics. With the evolution of technology, the way of story-telling has gradually transcended

The changing times call for every channel to rediscover themselves often and to refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design

Design Stack runs us through their approach, idea and process behind providing a concept-based branding solution to culinary experts, Bombay Brasserie.

There are various ways to do things, and so also it is in the case of representing India in design - the reason for

The new revamped design of Spectranet is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and

Colours can paint a good picture or spoil it all together, literally. Graphic Designer, Meroo Seth, speaks about and elaborates upon her approach towards

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