Story-boarding is not just creating beautiful pieces of art. Instead it is presenting ideas and content in a strategical & comprehensible style. Saumin Patel

It’s interesting how all of us grow up with individual memories and experiences. It’s fascinating how transforming these memories to stories can create opportunities

Delightful animations and stories with a good sense of humour is what describes Sonia Tiwari’s art the best! Be it visual design, coding or

In an exclusive interview with Creative Gaga, storyboard artist Sachin Tiwari has given tips and shared his insights about creating a storyboard.

The animation is for everyone! Dhimant Vyas, the veteran artist and animation film designer, throws light on the future of animation and the role

A trend of glowing line video animation is catching everyone's attention these days. Specially on social media they are being liked and shared alot.

Blotter Media owned by Ofir Shoham creates these kinds of glowing animation of dancers, celebrities and skaters which remind us of the 80s wave

Vaibhav Kumaresh explains, how relying on your own unique inner voice and trusting your gut feeling could help you create great stories or content

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