Confused Coffee Born During the COVID-19 Crisis!

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The year 2020 might be registered as the darkest and most terrible year in human history but despite this, some creative brains have found an opening in the ensuing misery and confusion. Witness how a coffee company took the opportunity of lockdown to set up an on-line shop with 'coffee care packages', brand identity created by F. Jay Scott.

Covid-19 confined people to the four walls of their houses. During the lockdown, life came to a grinding halt and restrictions of staying aloof and keeping a distance from family and friends caused a lot of stress and anxiety. People had to adapt to and condition themselves to new situations and the new system of work from home. Under such unfortunate yet unavoidable circumstances it's utmost essential to remain positive and change our routine accordingly.


This is a time for confusion. Everybody is confused as to how to cope up with the situation; keep working, continue business or start new ventures. The advent of 'Confused Coffee Company' was a result of this confusion.


One reason for choosing the name 'Confused Coffee' by the company was obviously the prevailing confusion, but the other one was that 'confused' contained 'fused' also; meaning remaining together and get over the tough times. It was contemplated that during these tough times people must be taking coffee to keep themselves composed and stress-free. Company's endeavour was that people should not only enjoy good coffee but also learn how to brew it as they are no longer able to visit their favourite coffee shop. The Company thus set up their online shop with 'coffee care packages'.


Following their ethos, the Company derived to keep the design simple and clean. Minimal caps sans serif font Neue Hans Grotesk Display Pro along with grid has been used resulting in tightening the leading and line the letters up so that a very contemporary look is created. 'F' is confused has been stretched not only to express the letter itself but also join it with letter U to express the idea of fusion and togetherness. The stretched letter also symbolizes the space to be given to others and the distance to be maintained during the pandemic.

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