Creating Cardboards Sculpture out of Waste Amazon Boxes – Story of Monami Ohno

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What do you do when you receive an Amazon package? Like many of you, I pick up the cutter and cut it into pieces to quickly see what’s inside. After all, the box is just a waste, right? Well, that’s not the case with the Japanese artist Monami Ohno, a cardboards enthusiast who is more interested in the box rather than what’s inside it.

Cardboards Craft by Monami Ohno

A formal 3D artist who now is a famous cardboards sculpturist, Ohno has created masterpieces over these years that cover almost everything she could imagine. From food items to a giant monster, Ohno has left nothing untouched when it comes to cardboard art. Her cardboard craft reflects utmost detailing in everything she does brings out a realistic outlook in the cardboard art pieces she creates. With a mélange of fascinating textures, patterns design, her art seems very compelling to the viewers.

Ohno loves to develop from waste material only she needs a pair of scissors, a standard cutter, a marker, and glue to craft such impeccable pieces as cardboard box crafts. She finds versatile possibilities of expressing thoughts through cardboard art being an art form which, besides the ambiguity of the term, denotes artworks made from different types of this material. The aesthetics, style, and format of the art do not include in the definition. Ohno believes that discarded and old cardboard like the one found on the streets is best suitable for her visualization of cultural art. Also, the condition of material, being either found, reused or new is emptied of contextual meaning and serves for pure aesthetic explorations. Check her craft here.

It all started when Ohno realized that making craft items from rare and fancy materials can be very costly. She decided to do something from her old Amazon boxes that piled up in her store. She did tons of experiments with them and to her surprise cardboard turned out to be a good resource to explore and fly her imaginations. Cardboardis a suitable, lightweight replacement for a lot of other materials like clay or mud.

Cutouts glued into work to create elevated surfaces that segment a composition, adding depth and shadows to the cardboard box craft sculptures. Cardboard can not only make great, beautiful bodies and structures but can also be used for interior designs and detailing. These days Ohno spends more time perfecting her art and nailing her cardboard box crafts.



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