What Brings ‘Indian-ness’ in the Indian Design?

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Neha Tulsian

There are various ways to do things, and so also it is in the case of representing Indian-ness in Indian design – the reason for this being that there are tons of aspects through which one could find that connect. Neha Tulsian runs us through those aspects.

To create something fresh; something genuinely new, we need a real problem. And a real insight. That is something not only in the classic case of the hard or physical sciences, but also in the various forms of art in the world, and that includes design. People in different parts of the world have different needs, as the context varies based on many diverse aspects from place to place. And that is what sets the tone for approaching those needs further.

To make the work meaningful and connect with any particular audience, we need to understand the audience. In that respect, India, by itself, is one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

And, to understand this country, we need to understand its cultures, languages, history, aspirations and so on. In short, how they live; how they grew up; and what moves them emotionally. It is about connecting, and not selling. The design works best when commerce is a by-product of great design and not the focal point. Otherwise, the crux of the designing as an art form may be lost, and, as is rightly pointed out, the ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’.

Indian design, in particular, reflects culture and tradition in everything – architecture, jewellery, graphic design, product design, packaging, branding, fashion, textiles, etc.

Global brands are adapting ‘Glocal’ strategies – aligning their business, brand and communication strategies to meet local demands and stay connected with their audiences. Designers need to find innovative and creative ways to make their work locally relevant, while maintaining the ethos of the global scene.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Your client, the business idea, intuition, the way we live, our families, art, tradition, fashion, handicraft etc. all can be gateways to being inspired or finding inspiration.

India, by itself, is such a vibrant culture to draw inspiration from. The challenge is to find a thread that is contextual, relevant and connects with the Indian audience while solving the design problem.

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