Awarding triumph!

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Some accomplishments can never be expressed enough, but can only be represented best – That is why there are awards. Abhijit Bansod, founder Studio ABD shows what it’s like to carry the responsibility of crafting such awards that endlessly embody stories of excellence.

Awards Acknowledge Exemplary Deeds.

Just like DNA, trophies or awards tell unique stories of achievement. They have a priceless value that illustrates the idea of success and excellence. It not only celebrates efforts but even inspires further. Metaphorically, they are invaluable as illustrations of victory and brilliance.
Designing a trophy really starts with an understanding of the event and its purpose – how the trophy would be handed over, who would be presenting and receiving it, whether it’s for a team or individual effort, how much the trophy should weigh. The visual narrative, iconography and form are based on these insights. After a series of prints, mock-ups, digital renders and prototypes, the form goes through various stages of refinement till it attains the perfection.

An award must exhibit immaculate finish, powerful form, and intricate details while representing beautiful stories. The symbolism makes it a memento depicting a specific moment of pride in one’s life.

Zigwheel Awards.

Designed and crafted for the Auto Awards, power and speed are the main inspiration here. Capturing the elegance of an aerodynamic form, it represents forward motion or swift movement.

Forbes Art Awards.

With subtly sculpted intricate curves patterns on a sturdy and disciplined structure, this monolithic structure complements each of the converse aspects of a true art connoisseur

Forbes Leadership Awards (The Forbes India Leadership Award 2015)

An elegant celebration of the leadership spirit. The smooth towering trophy with a Golden Halo burning in the centre showcases the vision and hope a true leader embodies.



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