Arun Pattnaik

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Arun Pattnaik

Coming from a small town in Western Orissa, Arun Pattnaik has been fascinated by tech & design ever since he got introduced to them at the age of 16; at the time he felt that almost everything was badly designed and he took to improving user interfaces out of interest. With no formal training and over 10 years experience of making the design better

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Every year brings a lot of hope and promises. With a New Year resolutions list (which might be lost by now) and hope of everything will change for good we all welcomed 2017. This issue explored, how these changes will affect our businesses and how we can be prepared for the growth predicted by the experts. The Wise Advice section includes pieces of advice on the web, mobile apps, user interface and user experience from well-known industry experts. Arun Pattnaik, a self-learned UX & UI expert also highlighted the importance of user experience in the process of building a strong brand. This issue gives you hint about tends to keep an eye on and how to be ready for it! So not just for the business owners but also for upcoming creative entrepreneurs this one is a must read!

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