Indian Design Case Studies – Vol. 02

Every year so many exceptional design briefs are being answered with brilliant solutions by many talented designers. Handful manages to reach the limelight through awards and other recognitions, but not all. And that is where the Indian Design Case Studies gets you that much-deserved limelight.

So, if you are a freelancer, agency, or studio, then this is your chance to flash your skills to the world. Lead the way for upcoming designers and prove that you only deliver gold-standard solutions to your clients.


Apart from appreciation, the previous volume helped connect many clients, creative professionals, design studios, and institutions with featured studios and freelancers. More than 1,500+ books were published and delivered.


If you are a brand, creative professional, agency, or design studio from India and believe your projects deserve the spotlight and are worth every eyeball. Then this is a chance not to be missed.



Branding & Identity Design

Packaging Design

Web/App Design

Communication Design

Motion Design



Game & Character Design

Features & Benefits

The participation could boost your promotion & marketing efforts by multi-folds.

Your skills and services will be marketed to well-known freelancers, studios, agencies, and corporates.

Your project case studies would be part of design history documentation, which will be revisited many times in the future.

A fair chance to impress your clients, as their brands/projects will be featuring among the best of the best.

Many young talents will follow and look up to your case studies for inspiration and learning.

The book will be promoted and spread through many marketing mediums, including social media. A chance to boost your social media presence as well.

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