Best Indian Illustrators – Vol. 02

We are part of the visual world, where everyone wants to be heard and seen in a unique light. Illustrator is the one who helps every story to stand out with stunning artworks but mostly lacks in showcasing own portfolios to the world.

So, if you are an illustrator, then this is your chance to shine brighter than the stars. Lead the way for upcoming artists. Give everyone a reason to believe in themselves.


Apart from appreciation, the previous volume helped connect many creative professionals, design studios & institutions with featured illustrators. More than 1,200+ books were published and delivered.


For each entry, you can submit up to 03 of your best illustrations produced for either advertising or editorial assignments – as well as work created for self-promotional purposes.


If you are a creative illustrator from India and use digital or traditional media to create your art pieces, and believe your illustrations are worth every eyeball.

Features & Benefits

1. The participation could boost your promotion & marketing efforts by multi-folds.

2. Your skills and services will be marketed to well-known designers, freelancers, studios, agencies, and corporates.

3. Your illustrations would be part of creatives history documentation, which will be revisited many times in the future.

4. A fair chance to impress your clients, as their brands/projects will be featuring among the best of the best.

5. Many young talents will follow and look up to your illustrations/portfolios for inspiration and learning.

6. The book will be promoted and spread through many marketing mediums, including social media. A chance to boost your social media presence as well.

Entry Prices

Individual Entry

INR 7,299/-

1. Send up to 03 of your best illustrations.
2. Enjoy a complimentary hardcover book.
3. Last date for submission is 18th January 2022.

Student Entry

INR 2,499/-

1. Send up to 03 of your best illustrations.
2. NO hardcover book included.
3. Last date for submission is 18th January 2022.

Subscriber Entry

INR 4,999/-

1. Send up to 03 of your best illustrations.
2. Enjoy a complimentary hardcover book.
3. You must be an existing subscriber.
4. Last date for submission is 18th January 2022.

Grab the chance to shine!
Let every studio, agency, freelancer, and client know that your art deserves their attention!

Post Submission


1.CreativeGaga will confirm your entry via call or mail and request the missing information if any.

2. We may also ask for brief information like a project summary, client feedback & permission for further processing to select your entry.


1. Once your entry is selected. You’ll be requested to provide hi-res images along with the description/ details of the chosen illustration.

2. We will also share a checklist to be sure that your profile has all the necessary ingredients.

Important Dates

Early bird entries would close on

22nd December 2021

All entries would close on

18th January 2022

Selections will be announced on

21st January 2022

Digital release of the annuals

11th February 2022

Print release of the annuals

18th February 2022


5-7 working days post-print release

Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries
Including digital and print, Annual Vol. 01 circulation was 15,000+ and we're expecting volume 02 to reach an even bigger audience this time.
Yes, there are many creative agencies and professionals who’re really interested in Indian Design Industry and look forward to content from Creative Gaga. More than 500 copies were shipped internationally of Volume 01 in addition to 2,000 plus digital copies.
Project / Images Related
Please go through the categories section above on the page.
While submitting entries: 72 dpi, RGB, 1280 pixels in width, 5 MB max. After selection: 300 dpi, RGB/CMYK, 50 MB max. The ideal size is 165 x113 mm.
No, you don’t need to upload both. While submitting entries low-res images are requested but with minimum 1280 pixels in width and of maximum 5 MB in file size. High res images shall be requested later if your entry is selected for publishing.
Please send up to 5 images for each campaign or project. For better keeping of the images please name them in this fashion Artist/Agency/StudentName_AnnualCode_Category_ProjectName_ImageNumber
Entry Price
Entries are closing at midnight of 18th January 2022. For other dates, please check the important dates section above.
The amount you’ve paid is for entry submission cost and a complimentary copy of the book is included.
Yes, we have special discounted rates exclusively for our subscribers.
Project Selection Related
No, the price you’ve paid or will be paying is only the entry cost. Your entries will be selected by the Creative Gaga’s editorial team and the internal jury.
The selection of the entries would be announced on 21st January, 2022 and you will be informed via email.
If your entry is not selected, then you still receive your complimentary book which shall be dispatched to the address provided by you at the time of submitting the entry.
No, you don’t get a refund but you still receive you complimentary book.
Book Related
Yes, a complimentary book is included in the entry price, except for student entries. Students need to order the book separately.
No, students need to order the book separately.
You shall receive you complimentary copy, with in 5-7 working days of the release of the book.
Entry Submission Related
You need to produce a valid student ID card from a design institution or college.
The last date of submission is 18th January 2022. For more dates, please check the important dates section above.
You shall receive a confirmation call/ email from Creative Gaga to confirm the receipt of your entry and necessary details.
No, student entries shall not be eligible for a complimentary book. They need to order the book separately after the release.
You shall receive a confirmation call/ email from Creative Gaga to confirm the receipt of your entry and necessary details. We'll announce the selected entries and inform them on 21st Jan 2022.
Yes, you can, but for each annual, you need to submit a separate entry. And for one annual, wherever available, you can choose between single or multiple category entries.
Once the entries are closed, a panel of internal jury and Creative Gaga’s editorial team will go through the entries and the selections would be announced on 21st January 2022.
Keep Calm and Go Gaga!

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