Aman Khanna

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Aman Khanna

A graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and a visual storyteller, Aman Khanna has his hands full with ‘Infomen’ that he started in London in 2005 and ‘Infonauts’ in New Delhi in 2009. His latest venture goes by the brand name ‘Claymen’ which is a set of functional and dysfunctional objects as well as unique handcrafted sculptures.

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This issue has advice from many experts such as Ashwini Deshpande and Gopika Chowfla who gave the secrets of choosing the right intern for their well-known design teams. And on another hand, Rajaram Rajendran and Ranganath Krishnamani advise young designer to gain multiple skills and be the best at them.

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Creative Gaga - Issue 54


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