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Every product or brand has a USP, and RocketscienceLab believes in focusing on that speciality always give you the original and unique ideas. This has helped them to produce fresh and interesting films for brands, which got admiration and appreciation worldwide. Some of their recent projects have been highlighted here for their original ideas and execution.

Original - Standard Chartered Credit Card
Original - Standard Chartered Credit Card
Original - Standard Chartered Credit Card

The brief was to showcase the various benefits of owning a Standard Chartered credit card with Anushka Sharma at the forefront interacting with these oversized props, each showcasing product benefits with visually stunning and memorable films.

Standard Chartered films was a celebrity shoot with Anushka Sharma where four films were packed into one day’s shoot. The bigger challenge was these in-camera trick shots of various props turning into Standard Chartered cards in Anushka’s hands that needed to look like a single take. Multiple rehearsals and pre-empts of the shot got us all figured out for the shoot day. Finally, the stunning oversized props in CGI styled sets brought about a unique look and feel for the film.

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The Design in 2020! Each year starts with many predictions, anticipations and a lot of hope for bad things to go out and good things to come in our life. The year 2020 has already started with eventful initial months and may hold more surprises in coming times. To understand what’s coming from the design perspective, we featured some of the best design projects from last year. Also discussed a few broad questions like how minimalism will affect our designs or what all an illustrator to keep in mind to be successful and much more.


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