About Us

‘A dose of Inspiration’ is what each one of us constantly seeks in our lives, isn’t it? Over the years, we’ve realised how the world is full of brilliant minds, sharp ideas and ingenious skill – people who’re finding expression through exquisite design. So we’re just out gathering all that magic in between pages – Creative Gaga.


Our true purpose lies in celebrating and sharing this innovative intelligence to further kindle the fire of Indian and international design. So, let the light shine… ‘Cause we’re here to fan the flames and spread the warmth.


Gaga Creative Networks Private Limited, the parent company, is a group of creative and passionate individuals who came together to make every creative’s journey more enriched & inspiring through networking and collaboration.

We create inspiring content, organise creative events, host interactive workshops, publish knowledge-rich books & magazines, train in portfolio development, support in finding jobs & creative resources and so much more.

About Team

‘T.E.A.M – Together. Everyone. Achieves. More’ it is said. And, yes, we wouldn’t have achieved so much in all these years, if it wasn’t for all those diverse individuals who’ve contributed in one way or the other to collectively nurture such a sweet fruit, Creative Gaga. Together we shall continue to grow and rise further. Go Team CG!

Nitin Tiwari

Editor-in-chief & Co-founder

Nitin has spent what seems like a lifetime conceptualising this magazine. From his days in the UK to years spent in advertising, he kept his magazine dream alive. From mainstream advertising, he switched to publishing for the necessary experience. He is the final word on editorials and our last line of defence.

Anureet Kaur

Art Editor & Co-founder

Anureet has had valuable publication experience in the UK. She heads magazine design at Creative Gaga and leads the company management.

Responsible for our sophisticated layouts and designs, she’s affectionately called ‘Queen Bee’.

Rutvi Ashar

Features Writer

Rutvi Ashar, an architect by profession and writer by passion loves dabbling in both fields. Combining her love for art, architecture and words allows her to bank on the essence of spaces that make for a refreshing read! With an eye for unconventional details, she explores design concepts and projects and voices her views on real world design.

Mohnish Dhagat

Features Writer

In an inherent state of wonder, Mohnish is always looking to explore. The seeking has led him into various endeavours – sport; music; writing; travelling, the outdoors, and so on. With a Bachelors in Mass Media, he is a writer and copy-editor when taking breaks from organising Ultra Trail marathons for Globeracers or practising a sport.

Ankita Sabharwal

Ankita Sabharwal

Feature Writer

An architect and an interior designer by profession, a traveller and explorer by passion and a dog-lover by heart, Ankita likes to capture every moment of her life through her camera. A believer of the fact that the beauty of design and art amalgamated is best expressed through an organic flow of letters synchronised together, she has taken to writing as a complementary addition to her design streak.

Nandini Ramakuru

Nandini Ramakuru

Features Writer

Nandini is an architect, graphic designer, closet artist and urban enthusiast.


She is fascinated by design in all shapes, sizes and forms; and staunchly believes that all disciplines of design, creativity and art have an underlying thread that strings them together. It is from this insight that she writes.

Gitesh Gupta

Photographer & Designer

Photography is the essence of Gitesh Gupta’s life, as he loves to tell stories in every frame. The camera—his magic box, as he called it—is his favourite tool for expression.

Be it through Digital Art, Photo Manipulation or the liberal use of VFX, the thin line between fantasy and reality teases his creativity, and challenges him to explore areas where art is untapped. It is where photography meets Fine Art, that he feels his imagination comes true.

Creative Gaga - Issue 55



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