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Designers are experimenting with a new set of colour trends as we move deeper into this new decade while continuing to navigate a planet that has learned to cope with a global pandemic. We all need a visual treat for all that we have gone through in the last two years, right?

It is the time for a breath of fresh air. Colours that make us feel centred are expected to dominate across design landscapes in 2022, according to industry experts.

Interiors will be floored with some soothing blues, delicate greens, and grounded earth tones, which point us toward an optimistic world. We have seen the unveiling of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 and it is very exciting. A completely new colour produced specifically for the Color of the Year for the first time ever. The colour trends of 2022 are on the lookout for some simplicity. Instead of the bright hues that dominated 2020’s designs, we’re going for muted, toned-down colours that feel softer and closer to home.

One may not mistake these colour trends for being boring or washed-out—most of them are modern and innovative reinterpretations of previous colour trends. They have a new face for the new year now. Read this article to check out the next colour trends for the new year 2022.

1. Neutrals

Neutrals like beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey, and shades of white appear colourless, yet they often have undertones in various applications. One can never go wrong with a neutral colour palette, but it is most difficult to make the right choice of neutrals that would go well together.

Choosing a neutral colour palette might help you in a variety of ways. They can serve as a colour canvas, allowing you to experiment more freely with brighter, more vibrant additions. Alternatively, using brighter neutrals gives a more open, clean, and airy feel. Muted or darker neutrals can give a cosy feeling while yet maintaining a streamlined appearance.

2. Pastels

Pastels are attractive. They’re gentle and sweet, and they’re the ideal palette for spring. Pastel gradients bring out colour, depth, and texture to simple designs. Pastels lend a dreamy background to everything. Designers are using pastels in unusual and imaginative ways to create various kinds of vibes. It’s a great way to recreate classic hues while also pushing the envelope by reimagining something we all thought we knew.

Solid pastels give a light dimension, while gradients give it a good quirk. Experimenting with saturation lead to creating bolder pastels, or mixing neons and intricate patterns with them that suit the Gen Z vibe. The outcome is a pastel with a lively sense thanks to the more bright colours and patterns. Being soft and subtle, it is unusual, but not out of the ordinary.

3. Earthy tones

Earthy neutral colours, which range from rich browns, creamy beiges, and terracotta reds to greens, ochres, and greys, have been popular in recent days. This is in stark contrast to the neons and bright hues that dominated previous years’ designs. With trying times, we choose things that are closer to comfort.

Earthy neutrals and nature-inspired greens will be the colours of the year in 2022. Green tones are becoming more popular, ranging from sage to darker hues. Rustic shades give a soothing and refreshing back-to-nature sense. The rising interest in sustainability and environmentalism around the world, as well as a desire to get back to basics, have fueled the usage of natural colours in numerous design disciplines.

4. Airy, Sunny Shades

Airy tones are light tones that are, well, airy. Airy blues, like butter yellow and cotton candy pink, are some colours that are trending right now and being used in unexpected ways that defy preconceived notions about how these colours function and what they imply. Soft, yet bright tones like yellow on green give us a sense of optimism and positivity. With the upcoming new year, these summery tones are also expected to have a great appeal ranging from bright, soft tones to airy, muted tones.

5. Vintage Floral tones

Floral colours in toned-down, desaturated colour palettes, commonly employed in floral patterns, are one of the colour trends expected to take centre stage in 2022. Designers create flower designs that feel rustic, old-school, and comfortable worn in by using these colour palettes. Designers give these floral arrangements a retro vibe by desaturating and toning down the colours and showing retro in the sense that time has passed and the blossoms have dried out. The message is clear: these blossoms are delicate and exquisite, so treat them as such.

6. Deep Royal Tones

Deep royal tones involve colours like violet, aubergine, dark blues, and solid olive greens. The plain colours can be used for colour blocking, as well as to place ornamental pieces against. These colours give a very royal and bold look, a feeling that 2022 is ready to embrace.

What you can take away

Take inspiration from the top colour trends of 2022 if you’re working on a new design for 2022. Colourful abstracts and jewel tones with neutrals, hyper-saturated colour combinations and retro colour schemes, light and airy hues and adventurous pastels.

There are many ways to incorporate these colour trends into your designs, from cutting edge to traditional, or anywhere in between, whether you are searching for a design that will remain forever or want to renew your brand.

Are you ready to witness the hues that will be all over the place in 2022 and beyond?

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One of the most distinguished finance giants, Visa recently collaborated with branding consultancy Mucho to come up with a new brandmark and brand symbol.

Visa Unveils a Fresh Look for their Logo!

In an attempt to be seen as ‘more than just a credit card company’, Visa refreshed its iconic vibrant blue and yellow logo with the instantly recognisable bold Myriad font. Although the new look still focuses on their blue and yellow colour scheme, the colour palette has been updated slightly, with the new brandmark now in a new typeface and the shade of blue clearly brighter than the previous one.

At the first glance, it may not look like a lot has been changed because the old logo is not obviously different from the new one but it has some slight adjustments that make it special. Visa has created a cohesive set of illustrations, graphics, motions and even a new colour palette to help convey its message. The new logo has been altered to resemble an equals sign, to signify a new company belief that “economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere”. And the tricolour brand symbol is said to represent Visa’s three purposes: access, equality and inclusion.

Despite the changes being subtle, they successfully represent Visa with a fresh look.

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After the launch of Coca Coca Coffee in January 2021, which comes in three varieties: dark blend, vanilla and caramel, Coca Cola will unveil a new flavour of the drink along with a redesign for some of its products.

Coca Cola Redesigned Packaging

Coca-Cola Flavors cans and bottles will be flaunting a new design that features vibrant colours and a bold logo positioned at the top of the packaging. The logo is enlarged and shaded in either white or black lettering to make it easier for consumers to tell the difference between regular and sugar-free.

“We wanted to modernize and simplify the look of our packaging to help consumers find the flavor they’re looking for on the shelf through a colourful but clean packaging design,” said Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager of Coke Choice Portfolio, Coca‑Cola’s North America Operating Unit.

Cherry Coke will be offered in magenta cans and bottles while the vanilla flavoured option will come in cream-coloured cans and bottles. Solid coloured cans designate single flavours (like cherry), while stacked colours communicate dual flavours (like cherry-vanilla). The black logo reinforces the zero sugar and zero-calorie varieties, on the other hand, the white top signals the regular instalments.

The Atlanta-based soft drink giant will also roll in its new Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha next month, which infuses the beloved Coca-Cola taste with a rich, luxurious mocha coffee flavour.

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Comics and 2D illustrations have always interested and inspired Manish D3mon and you can see how unique and deep his characters are.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon

Journey into art

Manish talks about his school days and reminisces about making funny and short comic strips at the back of the school notebooks. His friends would read them out loud, and laugh and appreciate his creativity which would really make his day. Soon, he made this a regular practice, and he talks with nostalgia about how his friends would wait for his comics. Even though the teachers would notice this, he would continue working on his comics. That’s how passionate he was to create art. This passion multiplied and grew over the years when he decided to become a comic artist.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon

After completing his high school education, he went to an art and animation institute where he got introduced to the world of digital art. Though there were multiple mediums of art to work on, Manish was completely glued to 2D illustrations. Other than the institute, he also learned the art from YouTube, Artstation, Deviantart and other tutorials.

Manish says that this was one thing that he had really worked hard in his life for. He sets his mind to a different art form once every few months and works towards mastering it. It really helps him work across a variety of art styles and we can find so many of them in his portfolio.

Manish says, “A year ago, I was just drawing fanarts, and recently, I have been more into quick-paced concept artworks and illustrations with slight humour elements in it, and I don’t honestly know what my mind would divert to next, but I’m looking forward to it.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon


Manish’s growing interest in anime can be easily seen through his work. He talks about his days at the coaching institute when his friends introduced him to anime. The first anime that he watched was Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and he was completely mindblown by it. After reading the manga with monochromatic illustrations and screen tones, he was in awe of how many expressions it showed and the storytelling it did. After watching and researching endlessly, he began creating manga. He loves creating them, and all his artworks have an influence on this art form.

Dream Projects and Future

Manish’s dream projects fascinate him every day. He aspired to have a fictional world of his own, where he could have his own characters. He also talks about his love for medieval-themed games and that he would love to work in a Witcher with CD Projekt Red. He is excited about many things and is always looking for interesting opportunities that are coming his way.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon

While talking about how he envisions his future to be, Manish says, “I have not planned anything for the future. I wanna see where the waves take me. Maybe, I’ll be working in a gaming company, maybe, I’ll have my own comic universe, maybe I’ll be working in animated movies, who knows.

But the final place I want to grow in, and this might sound corny when I say it, but I would like to be an artist, growing artists look up to. I wanna inspire people. I say this because I grew up looking up to these great artists with awe and respect that it made me think, “I want that too.”, as he concludes.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon

You can visit Manish’s Instagram page to support his work, and to be inspired by his characters and comics.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon
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Atanu Ghosh has worked with art for a little longer than a decade, and still manages to capture his imagination in his work. An illustrator and concept artist, he has worked across multiple mediums. Currently the assistant art director at Rocksalt Games, he produces characters that only one can imagine.

Characters by Atanu Ghosh

Atanu has loved dabbling with arts and crafts right from his childhood days. He has worked across multiple media, like sculptures, paintings, and illustrations. After graduating in art, he worked for a while in a book illustration company. He describes himself as a continuous learner, who slowly learns through the whole process and journey. He is inspired by great artists – legends and contemporaries alike and aspires to improve himself in their footsteps.

Characters by Atanu Ghosh
Characters by Atanu Ghosh

Atanu’s portrayals of characters are rather complex in terms of shapes, proportions, lighting, and colour. He has a very realistic approach to arts and always tries to add intricate details, which lead to the complexity of his graphics. You can easily tell each piece apart, but they all can relate to the common man at some level. Being a character concept artist, he likes designing the characters himself. Ubisoft’s project is one of his personal favourites, where he has really played around with the elements.

Characters by Atanu Ghosh
Characters by Atanu Ghosh

Atanu feels that his style will be a mix of realism, with bits of imaginative exaggeration. He gets this from his interest in Sci-fi movies and tech. Every stage of art is very essential for the character to come out in detail. Working across different levels of complexity, Atanu’s work moves from sketching to drawing, and then comes the most colourful part of hues and materials. He focuses on each piece for a good 3 days, until these stages give him a satisfactory output. He is deeply inspired by people who have dedicated their lives to the arts, who work passionately towards their life’s purpose.

Peter Mohracher, Ruan Jia, and Anthony Jones are some artists to who he looks up to. Atanu feels that digital art today has made things easy for artists as well as the spectators. He uses both manual and digital modes of working but prefers the digital in the current day owing to easy access. Atanu feels that every artist should every now and then reinvent themselves, and he is also shifting his style towards a more patchy, oil painting kind of style. Other than art, Atanu also enjoys spending time with his family and pets. Travelling is a frequent hobby, one that keeps him inspired and peaceful.

You can find Atanu’s characters and designs on Instagram.

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Nidhi Isaac

A portfolio is not just a record of your work, and it’s defiantly not a compilation of your illustrations, photographs, or logo bank, it instead is a window to your passion for design and an expression of yourself. A design recruiter can easily gauge design aesthetic, illustration skill, software comfort, composition, and typographic knowledge, at a glance! Unless exceptional, these are not reasons to hire, but just reasons to keep a designer in the running.

Your professional and personal life experiences, as well as your personality, give you a unique lens to comprehend the world, which becomes a unique strength to add to a team. The challenge is finding the right team and an alignment that works for both you and the organisation. This can only be understood if you showcase what makes you tick, which will speak volumes to the right person.

T he last 5 years have shown a shift in portfolio content that we at Elephant Design find exciting and promising in the young designers we meet. The following practices, in particular, have caught my attention:

Not Just Design But Thinking

Anyone looking at your portfolio should feel curious in a few minutes, do not demonstrate only skill but also process. Show how you understood the context, competition, and consumer. Highlight why you made those choices.

Not Output But The Outcome

Design is about emotion and behaviour. Talk about how you wanted people to feel and what you wanted them to do, and then tell us how you made it happen.

Be Accessible

Today everyone has a digital portfolio, whether a website or a page on a portfolio site, keep it simple and easy to navigate.

Be Clear

A recruiter will spend only a few minutes on your portfolio, so highlight the role you have played in different projects or different teams. Equally important is to be clear about the role you are looking for and why.

Be Relevant

Put in the effort to understand the bigger picture, the team, the organisation, and where their market is going; feature work that is relevant to them.

Show Initiative

Whether college event brochures or freelance work, it is vitally important that designers show the initiative to work independently and the interest to move from academia to real-world assignments.

Build A Conversation

No one expects young designers to have all the right answers, but it is refreshing when they ask considered questions or showcase relevant areas of inquiry. In short, work towards landing your dream job. Showcase your best self, tailor your portfolio to the organisation and what they want. As with most of us, it doesn’t happen immediately. Keep your eye out for the right opportunities and build the relevant portfolio that will get you there

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Abbey Lossing is an illustrator, who creates magic through her work, as she weaves characters across various situations. She is based in Brooklyn, New York. Minimal designs depicting everyday activities, with a twist of shapes and figures are ways she casts her charm. Her illustrations are bold, colourful, and eccentric – yet touches your heart the moment you lay eyes on them.


Her background in screen printing along with her digital skills helps her create these characters with playful energy. She has had some of the top brands like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter as her eminent clientele. She is inspired by fashion, textiles, and details and one can easily notice these patterns in her work.


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There’s a palpable sense of expectation in the air as we enter 2022 and this is playing out in unexpected (but beautiful) ways in the design world.

Design trends from eras gone by seeming to be cycling back into vogue faster than ever before, and logos are getting bolder and less constrained as designers look to exercise full creative expression after almost two years of feeling cooped up inside.

We spoke to the global community of freelance designers at 99designs by Vista about what logo design trends they think will define the year ahead – here’s what they had to say:


Like them or not, the naughties are back with vengeance. While some may feel it’s way too early for a 2000s revival, design culture disagrees and a growing number of logos are leveraging this Y2K aesthetic. Featuring diamontes, bling, gothic fonts and plenty of pink, it’s a blend of emo, kitsch, grunge and hip hop all rolled into one – and it has an endearingly ‘cheap’ and youthful feel that’s brimming with the optimism of the era in which it was born.

Logo design by Fahrenheit 32 on 99designs by Vista
Logo design by spARTan on 99designs by Vista

Stretched and Continuous Lettering

In 2022, we’re seeing a growing trend towards wordmarks that play with stretched and continuous lettering as designers increasingly create customized typography to produce truly unique logos and visual identities for brands. Stretching singular or multiple letterforms increases the expressivity of the type, placing emphasis on different letters that mimic the vocal stress when read aloud. This technique directs the viewer’s gaze around the design and gives the mark an infinite feel – as if the word were to go on forever.

Logo design by bo_rad on 99designs by Vista

A Groovy Revival

Will the 70s ever go out of fashion? Logo design doesn’t seem to think so as we tend to see the decade revisited in different ways each year. This trend is categorized by its optimism and peaceful, laid back attitude – no wonder we’re seeing it brought back to life for 2022. Bold, saturated colours and curvy, bubbly letter forms bring minimalist layouts to life for some seriously smooth retro vibes.

Logo design by KisaDesign on 99designs by Vista

Blurred Logos

For 2022, we’re also seeing more designs that distort letterforms with blur effects to create movement in type. Whether that’s simply blurring the edges of a word or the whole mark, the focus here is less on readability and more on intrigue. This is all about creating an air of fluidity to give logos a 3D feel in 2D environments which also opens up the door to animation for digital assets.

Layered Elements

A new twist on an old classic, logos that feature layered, sometimes contrasting, elements are also rising to prominence this year. These designs take simple elements like geometric shapes and lines and layer them with striking washes of color. Again, readability comes second to aesthetics here with experimentations with color, patterns and line thicknesses creating unexpected interruptions.

Logo design by annalisa_furia on 99designs by Vista
Design by Hitsik on 99designs by Vista

Grunge Revisited

The 00’s aren’t the only recent decade to receive a revival in 2022. The pre-millennium 90s grunge aesthetic is also making a ferocious comeback as design rebels against the mainstream. Here we’re predominantly seeing wordmark logos that feature gritty typefaces to place brand names front and centre. The use of rough textures give these logos a handmade feel and the dark, moody colour schemes ooze of brooding energy.

Logo design by 99Spy on 99designs by Vista
Logo design by Maciev on 99designs by Vista

Scribbles and Sketches

While some designers are seeking solace in simpler times of decades gone by, others are looking to charming, child-like scribbles that infuse a welcomed innocence to logo design. While these sketches have an unfinished and raw feel to them, monochromatic colour schemes create an air of simple sophistication to logo designs.

Logo design by DaliakK on 99designs by Vista

Looking at these logo trends together, it’s evident that designers are keen to push traditional creative boundaries in 2022 – not only to breathe new life into styles of yesterday but give rise to innovative new ones too. They’re unpredictable and experimental, and something tells us they will be the perfect backdrop to the year ahead.