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Though fresh possibilities of the much-awaited 2021 might have come mixed with the shadow of 2020 now synonymous with the pandemic, it could well mean a fresh renewal for one of the first modern-day computers to be in use today, the Macintosh. The iMac, to be specific.

While Apple is still to officially launch the news and confirm the supposed leak, a word that the tech pioneer is all set to revamp its iMac is making the rounds on social media, courtesy of Twitter. If this piece of information rings true, it would be close to a decade since the iMac got its last transformation in 2012.

Image Credit: Apple

An iMac that is likely to feature Apple’s favoured ARM-based M1 chip found on the MacBook Air, Mini and Pro. A digital display that might be expected to outdo 4K. A design sleeker and classier than the Pro Display XDR along with a screen bigger than its current largest of 27 inches could well be on the cards, translating to a 32-inch display. What else it holds in store is something difficult to predict until Apple lets loose its horses. But many-a-creative anticipating this new development explains why the rumour seems to have caught fire in the viral arena.

How would this renewed member of the Apple family be priced is something to watch, too, especially considering recent economic situations. If and to what extent it plays a role in how Apple Inc. goes about the tag would well be under the scanner alongside the technological upgrades.

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Animated Explainer
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The Internet is filled with free Animated Explainer Video Softwares that are easy to use. But you need the best for your brand! Which is why we’ve created a list of online tools to help you out.

The article was originally published on Studio Tale

It’s time to bid farewell to the written word. Brands all over the world have realized that consumers prefer video content over text. The industry is now reacting to this shift.


Today, the animated explainer video is dominating the marketing scene.

These video explainers are everywhere – Social Media, Product help pages, Landing pages of the brand’s website, you name it!

In this article, we’ve listed out the 10 best-animated explainer video software that will give you an edge over the competition.


Stop googling how to make an explainer video for free. These software are free and easy to use! And if you want to sign up for the full version of these products, we’ve added in the price range as well.

These explainer video software will help you create amazing explainer videos for your product or service and capture the attention of your viewers.


Ready? Let’s begin our countdown!


Rawshorts is a brilliant online video animated explainer video maker for creating animations. It features a simple, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, an amazing collection of explainer video templates, and a unique pricing structure.


Rawshorts is perfect if you want to convert slides into captivating animated videos. You can easily customize your video clips by adding audio, texts, and transitions.


However, keep in mind that this animated explainer video software needs a strong internet connection to work smoothly.


Full Version Pricing: $39 to $89 per month


Create flashy and captivating explainer videos in minutes with this online explainer video maker.


Animaker brings together 3 different features in one place – Presentations, Graphic Design, and video editing.


Being a DIY platform, it is extremely user-friendly and features the largest set of free explainer video templates in this list – including an improved whiteboard animation software.


Want to use data and stats in your video? Animaker allows you to create beautiful visuals for your numbers. You also have a plethora of animated characters who you can drag and drop into your explainer video.


Not to mention it features resonating sound effects that will help you add life to your video – something other animated explainer video makers haven’t quite got on point yet.


Full Version Pricing: $12 to $99 per month.


It’s an online and free tool, has thousands of templates, stock videos, animated graphics, and music tracks for you to create or edit that captivating, high-quality video – perfect for sharing online.


Canva gives you the power to create professional-level videos without the hassle of complicated software or the cost of a professional videographer.


There’s no software to download, and no new skills to learn. Simply pick a video template, then customize it to suit your needs.


When you’ve finished, you can download your video and share it on social media.

Free to Use Try Here


Know how to use PowerPoint? That’s how easy it is to use Powtoon!


This animated explainer video software features a wide variety of free explainer video templates and animated characters that you can use in your product presentation.


There is also a constant design upgrade that meets their clients’ high expectations.


Full Version Pricing: $16 to $197 per month.


Wideo is a great animated explainer video software for creating all kinds of video content.


Easy to learn and user-friendly, Wideo features a drag and drop interface and has a large number of professional, free explainer video templates to choose from.


Other features include YouTube sharing, the ability to upload images and audio, and an extensive library of over 1000 in-built images at your disposal.


Wideo is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and is also available as cloud-based software.


Full Version Pricing: $19 to $199 per month


Formerly known as Goanimate, Vyond is a simple cloud-based video editing software.


Straightforward and intuitive, this animated explainer video software is simple for beginners to use and features beautiful in-built video templates.


Vyond features a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to create character-driven videos or compelling data visualizations.


It also has a large audio-visual library and is available on Android and iOS.


Full Version Pricing: $39 to $159 per month.


Viddyoze is great if you need to create high-quality animated explainer videos in a short time-frame.


This cloud-based animated video software is really easy to use. It is the best explainer video maker for incorporating logos and text beautifully into your videos.


Viddyoze specializes in producing call to action videos and has over 700 templates to choose from.


And if you aren’t happy with the platform, there’s always a 100% money back guarantee!


Full Version Pricing: $77 or $97, one-time payment.


Biteable has often been called “The World’s Simplest Video Maker”.


This explainer video maker’s tools are intuitive and easy to use. It has a great collection of pre-animated scenes to choose from. It also features a high-quality audio library and has a great colour editing capability.


The result? You can create high quality animated explainer videos in minutes.


Full Version Pricing: $20 to $99 per month


Renderforest is a simple cloud-based explainer video maker that lets you create great videos in minutes.


Equipped with a comprehensive catalogue of animated explainer video templates to choose from, you can use it’s drag and drop interface to get the style and tone you need. It also allows you to upload images and videos, and play with colours and text in your video.


However, Renderforest has a higher pricing range than the other contenders on this list.


Full Version Pricing: $59 to $299 per month


This animated explainer video software allows you to easily create beautiful animated explainer videos that can incorporate video clips and images.


It provides you with a selection of explainer templates to choose from and even has an in-built library of music for you to use. Animoto has also partnered with Getty Images to create a collection of over 1 million stock photos and videos that you can insert in your explainer video.


However, keep in mind that you cannot edit individual clips in this explainer video maker. Any changes or edits made will translate to the whole video.


Full Version Pricing: $9 to $94 per month


This drag and drop style animated explainer video maker features an extensive library of over a million usable objects – be it stock images, videos or sounds.


Moovly also has in-built templates that you can use to create the right explainer video for you.


However, there have been complaints that this explainer video maker takes time to render the final product.


Full Version Pricing: $49 per month


CreatorKit as a solution to create Instagram stories, videos, and ads that convert and generate results. Creators are able to create social media content for their business or personal online presence without any design skills.


CreatorKit offers hundreds of templates proven to increase engagement rates and results. The animated text styles and motion graphics enables anyone to convert any static image into a highly engaging video.

And there you have it.


Those were our picks for the best-animated explainer video maker software on the internet today.


If you’re looking to create your own videos, these explainer video makers are going to give you some brilliant results!

The article was written by Koushik Marka and originally published on Studio Tale

Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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After staying at home for months together, our lives and the world itself seems to have slow down. Our lives appear static, stuck in a monotonous routine, confined within the safety of our homes. But there is always something new to look forward to, and despite all the odds few trends are still dominating the designs.

So we, at Creative Gaga, are here with a new set of latest trends for the year 2021. Heads up, Ui and IxD Designers, here are the upcoming trends for this year.

1. Apps lead the way

UI Trends 2021


Mobile phones are slowly dominating our lives in almost every aspect. One cannot imagine living in 2021 without smartphones. Hence, it is imperative to understand the role websites and apps have in building brands and businesses. A gradual shift from online stores, social media platforms to brand dedicated mobile applications can be observed.


It has been noted that most smartphone users spend 90% of their time in mobile applications rather than browser or websites, according to Forbes.com. And apps dedicated to the brand also offer an edge over websites in several aspects, such as options to personalise the app and enhanced customer services.


Hence, the shift is anything but a surprise. But every coin has two sides, and these apps come with lucrative maintenance costs since they require frequent updates to keep up with the latest software.

2. White is the new Black

UI Trends 2021


Colours are the most critical aspect of any design and more so in UI. Harmonious colour palettes which reflect the ideals and resonate with the brand are crucial aspects of UI design. The colours must also be pleasing to the users’ eyes and help the user navigate with ease while also distinguishing the various aspects of UI elements, surface and background.


UI Trends 2021


White and light grey colours seem to reign the background since they are some of the simplest and easiest colours to harmonise.

3. Shaking things up

UI Trends 2021Source


UI Trends 2021Source


UI Trends 2021Source


The latest Apple update is here to ruffle the world of UI design, just a little bit. The IOS 14 has introduced the concept of resizing widgets, wherein one can resize the widget in three different sizes, small, medium and large and rearrange the icons as per their convince. This calls for UI designers to design the widget icon such that it can be adjusted to suit the users’ needs while also displaying the crucial information required of the widget.

4. Lets Groove



No one likes stoic and static design anymore. Everyone craves a little rhythm, motion and life to things around us, and this includes the world of UI. Animated content is always received more warmly than static ones. It gives us a sense of life and interaction.




The trend of incorporating animation has become crucial in the world of UI designs. Some of the ways one can incorporate animations are through JSON (JavaScript Object Notion) and Lottie.


JSON is software that can convert image and animation into code, which is but a fraction of the size compared to GIF, while also supporting transparent background. This can be used together with Lottie, an open-source library for IOs and Android that renders animations in real-time.

5. Explore the depth





3D is expected to be the biggest trendsetter of 2021 and is expected to exert the greatest influence in the world of UI designs. 2D icons, which have dominated the UI design industry for decades, is expected to be replaced by 3D, which offers more depth and life to products.

Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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Women, the kind around us, represent two faces of existence. One, which is treated like a commodity, shackled in the age old misdoings of the tradition. And the other which is breaking all boundaries to follow the dreams of freedom. Digital artist Ankur Singh Patar chronicles this duality in his artwork and explains the process of creation.


Step 01

Drew a row sketch to get an idea of how the artwork would be. Created rough lines to get a feel.

Step 02

Added a background colour to decide on the skin tone of the woman. This would act as a base colour for the whole illustration. Also added more details in the face with a soft brush, taking care of the highlights and shadows.


Step 03

With the help of a pen tool, created the lines and gave them little bit of shadow. With the help of big soft round brush added some softness and some more highlights and shadows to give depth to the portrait.

Step 04

To add more details in the artwork, changed the shape of the lips slightly. Also added a texture to the whole portrait, giving it a rustic feel.


Step 05

While on the go, decided to change the illustration for good. On the canvas made the woman portrait smaller so that some more area could be achieved around her to play with. Took the help of slightly harder round brush to made these swirl shapes around her face.


Step 06

Added more details around the portrait with the help of thin soft round brush. It’s all about highlights and shadows which add the depth and drama.


Step 07

On Adobe Illustrator created a few abstract 3D shapes. Imported the shapes to Photoshop and with the help of dodge and burn tools, added the highlights. Wanted to give it a glow effect which was achieved through dodge tool.


Step 8

Used some stock imagery and some more abstract edgy elements. Adjusted the colours and saturation to mix it with the illustration. Also adjusted the light source by painting the areas of the dome to the ambience.

For a portrait, it’s all about highlights and shadows, which add the depth and drama to it.


Step 9

Created some more element and placed on top left of the canvas to make the composition complete and add meaning to it. For the eyes, added two earthen lamps to make it look like a reflection of light and to add life to the illustration.


Step 10

Keeping with the idea of festivals, added those flags. Used a pen tool to create a triangle, filled it with a colour, reshaped it with warp tool and used dodge and burn tool to add depth to them. More depth was needed to the gate. So with a hard round brush added that.

Step 11

Painted the bricks on the face with the help of med-soft brush.

Step 12

To achieve the concept of two faces in one, half of it was broken with top skin removed and bricks inside. The other one was outer part or the body which was beautiful and flawless but underneath was all broken. Painted ornamental elements to make it look royal. Also added more colour and contrast into the whole illustration. More elements, like the abstract sharp edgy depicting a heart and a gear and queen in chess were added.

Step 13

Added gears underneath the bricks layer which depicted that part of our society which consider women as mere objects. Made the gears in Illustrator and imported them to Photoshop. Using a brush highlighted the areas where light might be falling and then added shadows. More things were needed to make the message clear. One of them was freedom, depicted by open wings. So, added couple of wings and painted the areas to mix them with the surrounding environment.

Step 14

Lastly, added some contrast and some more texture. Texture always helps in giving your illustrations some depth. Added some more flags at the top to complete the illustration. Achieved the final artwork.

Published in Issue 17

We tried to capture the time of chaos and confusion we all are in. How it inspires and influences creative thoughts. Starting with the cover design by Ankur Singh Patar, who captures the duality in the way we treat women. Followed by a conversation with Italian illustrator Giulio Iurissevich who explores beauty behind this chaos. And many more inspirational articles to explore.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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When we look at great art we are amazed by its perfection. But what is carefully hidden from us is the toiling and hard work that goes behind the perfect piece of art. Chetan Patilunravels his thought behind the expressive caricature and his art in this insightful piece.

The Perfect Caricature
Hawaldar by Chetan Patil
The Perfect Caricature

Very few find their calling at a young age. The professional illustrator, Chetan Patil, is one such individual. Chetan has been enthusiastic about art since childhood, and a further push by his school teacher, sent him rolling in the direction of the world of art. He went on to take professional training in the commercial field of art, and there was no looking back.

The Perfect Caricature
The Perfect Caricature
Kamwali by Chetan Patil
Human Shapes Patterns

Chetan makes great use of expressions in his work. He believes attaching emotions to an idea makes it far more impactful and believable. In most of his illustrations and his caricature art, he tries to create a connection by expressing his own emotions in the idea through appropriate visuals.

Human Shapes Patterns
Monday Love

Expressions, emotions and experiences are aspects that Chetan takes very seriously while creating his art. He pays a lot of attention to detail in his work and tries to make it as expressive as possible. Chetan believes that the quality of art and amount of work put into a project makes it a treat for the viewers.

Human Shapes Patterns
The Perfect Caricature
Chef by Chetan Patil

An underlying element in most of Chetan’s work is the exaggeration. For Chetan exaggeration takes art to the next level and gives it a larger than life feel. It intensifies the expressions of the subject and is great opportunity to demonstrate an entirely different perspective. A great story or a certain character can be represented only through exaggeration, believes Chetan.

The Perfect Caricature
COOLI by Chetan Patil
The Perfect Caricature

The Caricature Illustration Campaign

Chetan has created a spectrum of amazing work, but his caricature illustration campaign project is his favourite, which he did in college. The series illustrated common people from different walks of life, and he completed this series of 17 caricatures within a 10-day deadline. This particular project is special because it involved observations of different people – their daily life, habits, behaviours and professions.

The Perfect Caricature
Camera Boy

Chetan sees art and design emerging in India. Digital art is gaining traction and is rapidly developing. But still there is a long way to go before people truly understand the creative field, feels Chetan. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the creative industry in India, however, the focus should be design education awareness. The design field is constantly changing and evolving. Amazing art collaborations, conferences, creative events and discussions will certainly push the boundaries of the design world.

In terms of technique and medium, Chetan loves both the traditional hand-drawn and the digital one to create illustrations. Hand drawn techniques to provide a wide canvas to explore. However, for professional speed and quality, Chetan prefers the digital medium.

Inspiration is the backbone of creative work. Chetan draws his inspiration from nature, people, cultures, and everyday events. He also takes inspirations from all that is related to living and non-living. Some of the master artists that have been an influence on Chetan’s work are Steve Simpsons, Pascal, Jason Sellar and many others.

Malika Sarabhai
Drunk Man

Finally, the advice that Chetan would like to give the budding artists is that art is a never-ending learning process. Whether it is college, a job, a freelance project; at every stage learning occurs. Hard work and being abreast with new techniques and technology is part and parcel of the creative journey. It’s also important to have a social media presence for your work. Looking at the bigger picture, taking risks and embracing setbacks will only build you as a professional.

Absolute Vodka

Published in Issue 48

A Freelancer’s Life in India! Every day, with a dream of ‘Being Your Boss,’ many creative professionals jump into the pool of freelancing. But many are not well prepared for the life of the freelancer, which brings many challenges along with benefits. So to explore further, we interviewed many freelance illustrators and designers to get answers to the question you should ask before taking the final call of becoming your boss! So, if you are planning to or have already become a freelancer then this issue is a must-read for you.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 51


Gal Shir is an Israel based self-taught digital artist who creates digital illustrations on iPad Pro using Procreate App and Apple Pencil. He has been freelancing since the age of 16 and later worked with many creative studios/ startups including Promo.


He founded Color Hunt, which provides colour palettes with several combinations to make life easy for the creatives. He leads the design at Lemonade, along with consulting and helping entrepreneurs to establish design thinking. Gal has collaborated with brands like Apple, Adobe, LG, Procreate, Affinity, Dribbble, 9GAG, UNILAD, The Bright Side, and more.


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Changing jobs and switching fields never let Zigor Samaniego’s love for art die. It instead inspired him and gave him the strength to follow his passion and go ahead with what he really wanted to pursue in his life.

Being successful and achieving what he has today has not been an easy ride for Zigor Samaniego. Experienced much, from having tasted editing of videos in a post-production company and working in the stream of info architecture to designing websites and being employed by a video game company, Zigor was neither inspired to work nor was happy at heart.

Just be Inspired to Work and Happy at Heart
Just be Inspired to Work and Happy at Heart

He then took to freelancing as an artist and an illustrator which got him illustrating for some of the highly reputed brands like American Express, Nestle, Wired and their likes.

Though some of these opportunities gave him the chance to explore the world of 3D design and drawing, he still wanted his artistic freedom to let his creative mind and thoughts pour out of his imaginative brain in the way he wanted them to.


Transforming Imagination to Impressions!

Zigor has always had multiple crazy ideas occupying his mind and conveying the same to his viewers’ works as his biggest motivation and inspiration. For this, he found 3D as the best possible way to express his thoughts and to give life to his imagination.

Though he plots the drawing from his mind, his artwork, from scratch to finish, is entirely digital inspired. Gone are those days when he would use the traditional tools of pen, paper and ink to unleash his creativity.


Follow Your Own Style!

Comfortable and confident about his own style of working, he accepts requests and designs characters only which have the possibility to be designed in his way. It is a moment of pride for him when clients, amazed by his portfolio, call to hire him for their work to be delivered in his style. His style is defined by the cute appearance of his characters, merged with a slight amount of humour and fun, aimed at bringing a smile to the viewer’s face. Sometimes not knowing what to draw works best for him as the ideas develop alongside his doodling.

Nature, a Trigger For Art!

He credits his inspiration, innovativeness and ingenuity partly to nature and partly to his crazy thoughts. A nature-lover and enthusiastic about outdoor activities, he is influenced by the things he sees around him and sometimes draws inspirations for his characters and art work while trekking up a mountain.

Tips From the Master!

Enlightening the young ones with certain tips and tricks, he emphasises on the fact that having ones’ own style is a very important thing. In addition to this, the quality of the portfolio plays a very crucial and significant role in a creative’s life.

It is essential that the artist should remain faithful to his tastes and be very careful with the toxic customers wanting to change their style.


Published in Issue 43

With the changing weather comes the season of Interns, with fresh new energy everywhere and your talented creatives wanting to test their skills and knowledge in the real world of live creative briefs and super creative professional environment.
This issue is a must-read for internees and fresh talents. Go ahead and order your copy here or subscribe to not miss any future issues!


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Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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A medical app bringing care, comfort and convenience to your doorstep. Here is a peek behind the magician’s curtain to understand the design elements and the effort that went into creating the Cloudnine Mobile application by Redd Experience Design.

Medical App by Redd Experience Design
Medical App by Redd Experience Design

Who are they?

Specialising in maternity, child care and fertility, Cloudnine Hospitals is one of the nation’s largest single-speciality hospitals. Founded in the year 2007, the hospital caters to mothers’ and children’s needs, offering tailor-made services to ease and celebrate the journey of motherhood.

Medical App by Redd Experience Design

The Goal

The journey to motherhood is as beautiful as it is tedious. This joyous journey can sometimes get overwhelming, especially with the number of appointments, scans, and doctor visits. Hospitals are an integral part of childbirth and pregnancy. Hence, the experience must be as seamless and easy as possible for expecting mothers. It is the objective that motivated the design for the Cloudnine medical app. The mobile application is designed to serve as a single interface for the entire hospital.


A single app to cater to the needs of patients, doctors and administrative staff alike can be quite a challenge. One must understand the issues faced by these separate factions and offer a single solution to eliminate all the troubles while also appealing to the aesthetic sense. It is imperative that the app eradicate existing problems and address the needs and ease the doctor’s visits as much as possible for all parties involved. The issues commonly faced by patients, including booking appointments, keeping up with doctor’s recommendations, procuring medicines, and maintaining medical reports, must be addressed, keeping in mind the patients’ sensitive nature.

The Process

To design the most optimal app, a thorough study of the subjects and market research is crucial. After several interviews with patients, doctors and staff, the problems were identified and listed. Some of the most common and troublesome issues were appointment bookings, long waiting hours, means to reach out to doctors in case of emergencies, maintenance of medical records, and the number of staff one must navigate before the check-up. The solution for most of these issues lies in reducing middlemen between the doctor and patient. While this is a medical app, it must exude an aura of calm and elegance even as it reflects the vibrance of motherhood; the font, colour palette and style were designed to achieve this.

The Final Design

To decrease the time spent at the hospital, the app provides several services such as valet, status in the queues, among many others. The appointment booking is especially beneficial and hassle-free. Instead of allotting an exact time for appointments, one book a time slot and their status in the queue is designated based on their arrival at the hospital. The app also provides options to chat with the doctors and jot down questions prior to consultation, which can directly be accessed by the doctor during the check-up, a detailed consultation card with the doctor’s recommendations, and an organised slot for the medical reports of the patient for easy access. This medical app goes one step further and offers various communities and groups where expecting parents can socialise. It also supports multiple account holders so that the partners can also access the app.


This app has successfully reduced the waiting time from three hours to one hour while also reducing the number of steps in the registration and appointment process. Since the number of middlemen involved has diminished, the process has become hassle-free. This being a medical app suite can be accessed by everyone, from top administrative officials to valets, thus seamlessly weaving the hospital’s entire working.

Medical App by Redd Experience Design
Creative Gaga - Issue 51