Designing a room can be a fun experience but at the same time it can be tricky too. You can experiment with textures, colours, style, furniture and the feel. You can fulfil your dream décor in your study room because this room belongs to you solely. Perhaps, use classic, contemporary or new combinations for your study room.

Nowadays, there are several software and apps, which helps you to select the right place for each furniture and equipments in a room. You can try different layouts without physically moving the furniture and create different sample layouts.


These layouts help you to choose an appropriate look for your room. Every room has certain specific requirements based on its utility. Similarly, your study room too has certain specifics and it is very important to consider them while designing your study.


Enlisted below are some of the essentials, which you must look forward to if you wish to design a perfect study at your home:

Choose the Right Room

Every room requires a certain specific amount of space based on its functions. For instance, you cannot design a bedroom in a tiny space because you will end up having a congested room.


Therefore, your very first step should be to choose the right room for your study. One needs to consider the dimensions of a particular area before converting it into a bedroom, utility room or a dining area.


If you are fortunate enough of having multiple rooms you get the chance to select the room, which receives a lot of natural light and is spacious enough for you to enjoy your privacy.

Space to Move Around

Would you like to enter into a room, which does not have space wherein you can move about freely? Definitely, not and this is why you should make it a point to place limited stuff in your study.


Placing unnecessary furniture will increase your task of cleaning it on a regular basis and additionally it gives you a cluttered feeling. You feel the vibe of an unorganised room within that particular space. A de-cluttered room minimises the chance of you colliding with any furniture placed in the room.


You need comfortable space to sit around and move especially while working. If your room is not especially spacious make it a point to place furniture that consumes less space. A comfortable space and layout allows you to carry out your task swiftly.

Decent Desk and Comfortable Seating

Purchasing a big desk might sound like a good idea at first, but it might not be particularly conducive if you intend to work on it for long hours. This is why you should search for options well before you actually buy one. There are several varieties of sturdy desks, which give you ample leg space and while at the same time offering a brilliantly finished look. Possibly, choose one such type of desk as they last longer and make your room look just perfect!


Apart from the desk, you also need comfortable chairs to sit in. Make sure that you choose a colour, design and style of chair that blends well with your new desk. Opting for two contrasts can be a challenging task as they may or may not look good together.

Shelves! Shelves!

It is important to combine the right types of storage together. For instance, at some spaces you need a good amount of shelves which allow you to keep your favourite books. There might be other space where you need strong and secured cabinets to store your personal


You need space of a particular dimension to place your printer/scanner and the same goes for your file cabinet. This means that you cannot design same sized cabinets all through your study. You need a combination of storage types to store your belongings in an organised manner.

Space for Meeting

The study is a space where you think about all your crucial decisions and thereupon come to a solution. There is a high possibility that someone may drop in or you may call somebody for a specific important discussion at your study.


For this purpose you need an appropriate seating arrangement. Some individuals prefer L-shaped seating arrangement. Others may choose a simple soft couch wherein 2-3 individuals can sit comfortably.


You can also opt for a seating arrangement, which allows two individuals to sit face-to- face with each other so that they can have a comfortable conversation. If you do not have space to place a couch or for any other kind of seating arrangement you can simply have your discussions at the coffee table in your house.

Lights! Lights!

Lights play a key role in any room. If you have sunlight pouring in through the window in the study, it will have a completely different look. The room will be more lively and vibrant which spreads a positive vibe.


On the other hand, a dark and shady environment with minimum lights will give your study an intense look. Make it a point to install the right lights so that you have sufficient light during the night as well.


It is suggested that you should allow natural light to flow in your study as it offers an optimistic feeling to you. You can choose to maximise the light effects by installing mirrors and light wall colours.


Extremely hot or cold temperature can be a huge distraction during your work. One needs the comfortable temperature to work in and one way to do this by installing designer radiators. Possibly, seek advice from a reputed firm that offers you a wide array of choices so that you can pick the best model available in your budget.


With the right temperature in your study you can work unperturbed irrespective of the weather outside.

Pick a Corner

Loud noise and constant chattering can be a major cause of distraction. If you prefer to work in your own personal space and don’t like to be disturbed while working, make sure that you pick a quiet spot.


Perhaps, build your study towards the extreme corner of your house so that no pet, kid or visitor bothers you when you are working.

Personalise Touché

Although there are several guidelines to be followed while designing your study, you should not overlook your preferences. Your personal choices hold huge accountability while designing your study.


Mainly, your study should match your comfort level. It can consist of a piece of art that grabs your attention and an element that motivates you. For example, you can affix a painting that inspires to work hard.


You can opt for your favourite colour for the wall right in front of you and blend it with artistic texture.


Lastly, it is your choice which holds more significance because ultimately you are the one to work there and spend most of your time in that particular room.


It is important to keep your study neat and clean as it allows free flow of work and minimises your hurdle. Keeping your study clean and tidy means that you have kept all your important files, books, documents and confidential data at their secured spots.


Additionally, you do not have to search the entire study when you need them. Instead, you can simply grab them from their précise spot. You can probably clean your study once a month just to check that all your documents are kept properly. You can update the files with the
latest documents in due time.

Don’t just put a font for the sake of it, put it for creating an impactful impression on the reader. Browse through this list of 18 best calligraphy fonts to achieve your target.

Fonts are known to be the most important element of graphic design. Balancing the rest of the design with the type of font to be used is quite a challenging task for a designer.


It is but necessary to have the right font, not too much, not too less, to have a long-lasting impact of the message to be conveyed to the readers.

From what was done manually ages ago using ink and brush to create graceful calligraphy has now gone all digital, but still with the same look and feel of the hand-crafted old-time beauty.


Life and work have become much easier with the presence of the button, ‘download’ ! Take a look at these calligraphy fonts and choose the one which makes your work look its best by downloading it at no cost!

1. Candlescript

A smooth and flowy typeface designed with an intricate level of detail, Candlescript is suitable to be used as a logotype, custom typeface, title, header or advertisements.


18 Free Calligraphy Fonts

2. Mike Ferrari 

Mike Ferrari is a typeface based on the Spencerian Script. Composed using elegant and beautiful strokes, it is just the perfect font to gracefully colour up any project with a human touch.


3. Feathergraphy

A high-quality script font with multilingual support and a large number of special characters, Feathergraphy is a hand-crafted typeface that can be used for logotypes, titles and slogans as well as a tattoo style font in clean and decorated versions.


Font Download

18 Free Calligraphy Fonts

4. Meat Buckets

A nervous script font, Meat Buckets comes with a taste of old-school style. Going for a full commercial version allows an extra 86 alternates, contextual ligatures and underlining to be used for a charming and elegant calligraphy.


Font  Download

5. Olivia Script

An exclusive from The Font Bundles Store, Olivia Script is a sophisticated, graceful and modern calligraphy typeface complimenting the look of wedding invitations, greeting cards, posters, wall hangings and the likes.


Font  Download

6. Allura

Simple, clean, legible and casual characters describe Allura as an almost handwritten calligraphic script. Designed keeping advertising, display and packaging design in mind, Allura comes with extra alternate glyphs and flourished graphics, giving the professional designer a maximum flexibility.


Font Download

7. Kaligraf Latin 

Translating personal handwriting taken from the pages of calligraphy into characters for Kaligraf Latin, this font includes a few ornaments useful for creating typographic pages.


Font Download

8. Qaskin

An elegant script typeface available in two versions, black and white, Qaskin comes across as a light-hearted font, illustrating fun and frolic.


Font Download

9. Pinyon Script

Confident and showy swashes suggesting the style of the American-West, Pinyon Script is a romantic round hand script style font. Defined by slants and high stroke contrasts, this aristocratic style is friendly for large size texts.


Font Download

10. Plain Germanica 

Inspired by the Gothic and Medieval styles of design, Plain Germanica is a font face reminiscent of the historical beauty of those eras, transporting the reader back in time.


Font Download

11. Playlist

A perfectly imperfect hand-drawn font in dry brush styles, Playlist consists of 3 styles namely script, caps and ornament, which can create a beautiful design when jumbled in an orderly fashion.


Font Download

12. Qwigley

Winding around in a swirly fashion, Qwigley is the font-face for decorative letterforms. Contemporary in style, it has a  feminine feel to it, delicately embellishing the calligraphic typography.


Font Download

13. Kadisoka 

A handwriting font ideal for logotypes and headlines, Kadisoka is a script that comes along with a variety of ligatures, stylistic alternates and sets to be tried out for amazing graphics outcomes.


Font Download

14. Dancing Script OT

A cursive font with intermittent connections beautifully mimicking hand-written text, Dancing Script OT works as a visual style statement. Each word beginning with a letter in caps which goes below the baseline, it is just the quintessential font for a modern-stylized casual look.


Font Download

15. Fabfelt Script Font

A handwritten typo with grain effect, Fabfelt Script font comes with a retro feel. This is a monoline font, is just a perfect match for branding and headings.


Font Download

16. Great Vibes

A script with clean and clear flowy connections, heavy strokes and dramatic caps, Great Vibes is a font for breaking the monotony of design with its encircling ascenders and descenders.


Font Download

17. Playball Font

Inspired by American sporting calligraphy, namely vintage baseball cards, Playball is a connecting script, demonstrating athleticism, boldness and masculinity, thus making it perfect for festive informal and sporting occasions.


Font Download

18. Pacifico

A modern brush script, Pacifico is inspired by the American surf culture of the 1950s’. A slight touch of the retro style, it makes for an apt solution for a bold and engaging calligraphy font.


Font Download

Over the past decade, we have all become much more aware of our impact on the environment. The cars we are buying, our shopping habits and the lifestyles we lead, are all now influenced by an attempt to be eco-friendlier. Then why should not our house also be eco friendly.

A recent study found that 71.4% of shoppers now take the environmental impact of their choices into account when they purchase food and other groceries. That number was marginally lower for clothing and footwear, sitting at 64.2%. But the evidence is clear. The question is: how can we do more? Well, we can start at home by making sure we look at making a series of changes that will reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment.


Here are five simple ways to create an eco friendly house.

1. Install a smart meter or a smart hub

Your heating is one of your major sources of energy use. During cold winters, we can slip into bad habits and leave our heating on for much longer than is necessary. This can lead to high energy bills and wasted energy.


You can combat this in two ways. The first is to have a smart meter installed. This provides a visual indication of the energy you are using every day and allows your utility company to reflect the savings you make as a result, in your bills.


The second way to make a change is to have a smart home system installed. Systems such as Hive can be controlled by your voice on Alexa or Google Home, for example, or through an app on your smartphone. These systems are so advanced that they can now detect when you and your partner have left your home and switch off the heating when you do so.


Before you set off for home or work, you can command the system to come on and warm the house up to a certain temperature for your arrival. It saves you money and, crucially, it also saves energy.

2. Create your own compost

It is so easy to sweep leftover food or kitchen scraps into your rubbish bin. It is easy to do, convenient and happens in the blink of an eye. What you don’t realise is just how much food you throw away each week.


All of it could, in fact, be turned into compost and recycled. Many local authorities help residents compost their food waste in plastic bags that decompose with the food as it turns into compost. Instead of sweeping your leftovers into a rubbish bin, you sweep them into a compost bin that’s lined with the special bag, and your local authority takes it away every week. Look into whether this is an option for you.

3. Insulate

We have already discussed the importance of reducing unnecessary use of your heating, but another way to make the most of the energy you do use is to ensure your home is properly insulated. A well-insulated home will retain your heating for longer, meaning you don’t need to switch it on for as long. We all know that hot air rises, so start by looking at your loft space and roof. It costs around £400 to insulate the roof of a typical home, but you will save more than half of that figure in the first year by reducing your energy bills.


Double glazing will also help, while soft furnishings such as carpets and rugs will also help if you have exposed stone or wood flooring. Keep in mind that your walls and your floors account for as much as 75% of all heat loss from your home. Draft excluders around doors and windows can also make a big difference, with around 15% of energy lost that way.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle…

There is no excuse for not recycling plastic bottles, paper and glass. According to a study in the United States, around 80% of all plastic bottles are still not recycled. Remember that, each time you throw a plastic bottle away, it will take a millennium to degrade. So, recycle them – it is really important, and you will be helping the planet every single time you do it.

Eco-friendly House

5. Install solar panels

This is an extreme solution, perhaps, but it is one that could make a massive difference to your annual utility bills and the environment. The up-front cost is significant, but many energy providers will pay you for the energy you generate but don’t use every year. Definitely worthy of consideration!

Vijaya Laxmi exhibits the power that a woman possesses through her illustration series, ‘Devi’, ‘Shiva-Shakti’ and various other series, all are an exploration of her mythological concepts allowing viewers to see beyond the obvious.

Obsession with drawing and painting is Vijaya Laxmi’s genetic code. Pursuing art as a free-time hobby flowered into a passion of extremes where she could forgo sleep to complete canvasses and thus began her creative journey as a professional artist.


Also practicing clay modelling, she credits herself with a substantial part in promoting the concept of ‘Green Ganeshas’.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

Themed Concepts of the Modern Divine

Sensing and feeling divinity within her and outside of her, she has explored this divinity through her artwork in a modern and contemporary manner. Her work is mostly figurative created using oil and acrylics on canvas in subtle blues and greys, attempting to convey a story.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

According to Vijayalaxmi, the female form has allure, grace and beauty emerging from the gentleness of form, the curves – be it the nose, the neck, the torso, the bosom, the waist; the softness of lines of fingers and toes convey a sense of movement. There is remarkable strength in what to the eye looks merely dainty.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga
Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga
Towards Peace

The Devi Series

To convey the message that each female has a different rupa, she has created a series, Devi, which is a reflection of her unhappiness where people see a woman in goddess but not the other way round. Unlike calendar art, she has depicted the various Devi in a simple manner, without the much elaborate attributes of goddesses with heavy ornamentation.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga
Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

She says that simplicity is itself the beauty of a message: ‘Here She is – now you draw your own meaning, interpret it, but here are my guidelines.’


Laxmi in her work is depicted as smiling – as everyone wishes to be blessed by her bounteous grace. Devi Kali’s face projects the anger or rage at injustice. Like Kali, Durga too has a more chiseled face, emphasising their strength, both destructive and creative.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

The Shiv-Shakti

The Shiv-Shakti series is where she sees Shiv and Shakti as one – separate and together but spiritually one. It is a glorious representation of souls, their quest for merger and the attainment of the moment when they are immersed into each other.


Viajaya Laxmi sees Shiva not just in a male form but also a female – the ardhanarishwar. He manifests himself in a complex dual form; the two forms merged in a manner where it is difficult to point where the male form ends and the female begins.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga
Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

She has showcased the constant effort of Shakti to merge with Shiva in the He-She element through a series of paintings like Shakti seeking his attention; Shakti with the power of her will, she herself transforms into Shiva in the posture of meditation, but with her feminine physical attributes intact; Shakti trying to create a Shiva into whom she can merge.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

Traditional is Evergreen

For Vijaya Laxmi, the visual language on the canvas is the marriage of an idea, a thought, the medium and the expression using the mediums. Even an ordinary thing has to be beautified or the art is lesser for it.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

For her, digital art is flat and does not reflect the energy that the strokes of a brush provide, imparting life into a work of art. The computer screen’s size and the size of her canvases are of no comparison. Working on an actual canvas scale is a stupendous realisation that the good old brush can turn a trick or two which machines may not be able to.

Published in Issue 46

We all design for different audiences and always keep trying to figure out what they would need and how will they react to our designs? But, one audience who is the youngest of all and most difficult to predict is ‘Kids’. So, to get more clarity, we focused on animation design, an extensively used medium to influence these young ones. This issue is full of veterans advice and a lot of inspirations throughout for every creative soul. So, go ahead


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As people realise the creative hard work behind beautiful packs, this field is getting innovative. Packaging design plays an important role in the success of any brand or product. The goal of an inspiring packaging design is to turn projects into collectable and saleable items. It has to have strong visual appealing to stand out of the competition.


So, we have selected 20 best innovative & inspiring packaging designs, which will not just motivate you to create appealing designs but also give you update on current packaging trends.

1. Pen Packaging

Designed by: Wingyang

2. The Best Tea Time of the Day

Designed by: a.Design

3. Manjoor Estate’s

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Isabela Rodrigues

4. Paper Boat

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Elephant Design

5. Olio D’oliva

Designed by: Alessia Sistori

6. Topshape

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Sweety & Co

7. ACH vegan chocolate/ Limited edition

Designed by: Gintare Marcin

8. Kraftig

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Isabela Rodrigues


Source: Behance

10. Packed like Sardines

Designed by: Brandiziac

11. Aphrodite’s

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Midday Studio

12. Flour Beverage – Sattu

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Vikash Raj

13. Le chocolat des Français

Source: Pinterest

14. Motif Wine

Designed by: EN GARDE

15. Filirea Gi Wine

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Christos Zafeiriadis

16. Exotic Coffee Collection

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: ARTEMOV ARTEL

17. Smoker’s Teeth

Inspiring Packaging

Source: Pinterest

18. ASAP

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Elephant Design

19. Pasta Packaging

Designed by: Nikita Konkin

20. Milko

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Giovani Flores

The Euro-Vision project is a collaboration between 26 artists from all over Europe & the world to create their own interpretation and celebration of the renowned song competition, The Eurovision – Capitalising on this year’s Eurovision location, Israel, The Startup Nation.

The theme was:

Human & Machine

Some look forward to technology’s innumerable advantages while others fear the progression of artificial intelligence could lead to our downfall. Whatever the case, its rapid evolution is no secret – especially in the start-up nation of Israel, where Eurovision will be held this year.


The-Artery, a New York based creative agency invited many different artist to create a visual homage to the 2019 Eurovision competition. Ranging from 3D animation to stop-motion, the artists were invited to visualize what it means for humans and machines to operate as one. Is it peaceful? Violent? Organic? Or a mix of everything? Whatever it is, we know that music can always bring us together as one.
Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga
Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar | The-Artery
Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga
Andi Iacob | Romania
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Caroline Kjellberg Juul Mortensen | Denmark
Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga
Mike Voropaev | Russia
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Anastasia Kharchenko | Azerbaijan
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Patrick Sluiter | The-Artery
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Patrick Sluiter | The-Artery
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Kristian Skogmo | Norway
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Eduard Mykhailov | Ukraine
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Yomagick | Malta
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Grace Casas | The-Artery
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Laura Sirvent | Spain
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Daniel Nahum | Israel
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Nadav Meidan | Israel
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Machina Infinitum | Germany + Italy
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Alex Sasha Djordjevic | Serbia
Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga
Ryan Morace | The-Artery
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Kasper Pindsle | Norway
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Mihran Stepanyan | Armenia
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
João Figueiras | Portugal
Illustrations from EuroVision | Creative Gaga
Andrea Philippon | Switzerland
Illustrations from Euro-Vision | Creative Gaga
Irene Feleo | Australia


Agency, Production, and Post
Collaborating Artists
Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic
Anastasia Kharchenko
Andi Iacob
Caroline Kjellberg
Daniel Nahum
Eduard Mykhailov
João Figueiras
Grace Casas
Irene Feleo
Kasper Pindsle
Kristian Skogmo
Laura Sirvent
Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar
Machina Infinitum
Mihran Stepanyan
Mike Voropaev
Patrick Sluiter
Ryan Morace
Nadav Meiden
Andrea Philippon
Aline Sinquin
Executive Creative Director
Vico Sharabani

Creative Director
Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar
The Soundery Sound Design
Sound Design
Patrick Henchman
Aline Sinquin
Executive Producer/Managing Director
Deborah Sullivan
Michael Elliot

Your childhood experiences, explorations and continued learning through life, greatly shapes the way we think and the career path we chart for ourselves. Veteran artist and animation film designer, Dhimant Vyas, is an example of this. He gives us a peek at his childhood and throws some light on the animation industry.

An alumnus of National Institute of Design (NID) and his previous work includes the title animation sequence for the highly acclaimed Hindi feature film ‘Taare Zameen Par‘, which was directed by Indian Film Industry superstar Aamir Khan.


During an earlier stint at Aardman Animation Ltd. Dhimant has worked as an animator on the Creature Comforts USA TV series. He has worked with brands like BBC, UNICEF, FCB ULKA, Zee TV, MTV, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, to name just a few. His work for Taare Zameen Par, Happy Planet, Cute Bunny, Y-snore, MTV promos and his photography has won him several national and international awards.

Q: Your work is often related to the flora and fauna. Can you tell us how your childhood inspired the theme of your various work?

Dhimant. I grew up in a small town called ‘Dhrangadhra’ near Kutch, Gujarat. I spent a lot of time amidst nature, as my town is surrounded by rivers, lakes and farms. Most of my childhood involved playing with animals, bird watching, gardening, swimming in the river, and playing with the fish.


I used to collect clay from the riverbed to make toys and pluck grass to create handicrafts. We had no televisions or mobiles then. Even the race to get better marks in exams did not exist for us as children; this leads to spending most of our time in the lap of nature. And all my observations of nature now reflect in my work in some way.

Q: Please throw some light on the different animation techniques. Which of these is your favourite, and why?

Dhimant. There are a wide variety of techniques like 2D classical animation, 3D Computer generated animation, Stop motion, Cut out, Pixilation, and so many more.


I have used almost all styles of animation, but the way clay animation has evolved somehow reflects in most of my projects. I don’t restrict myself to clay animation though. I especially love the 2D classical animation style.

The style and technique always depend on the requirement of the story. For Amir Khan’s ‘Taare Zameen Par’ I used clay animation. The animation needed to seem like handmade toys created by children. There is an organic feel to the medium which cannot be achieved through computer-generated animation. Clay is something everyone relates to as it connects us all to our childhood.


In film making, storytelling decides the technique. The story needs to be executed in a manner where the audience completely engages with the story, instead of focusing on the technicality of the film. The style should seamlessly integrate with the story.

Q: The audience connects very strongly with your work, especially because it’s got heart and warmth. How do you bring in that feeling and emotional connection to your work?

Dhimant. Hard to tell. Perhaps because I put in my heart into my work or my childhood observations of nature reflect in my work. When one enjoys their work, the audience picks up on that, and they enjoy it too. While working, I don’t focus on the final product, instead, I put all my energy in the process of creation and learning.

Q: What role do you think animation can play in education? And how important is it?

Dhimant. Animation can play a significant role in education. I have worked on creating educational content, and have seen the impact myself.


A picture is worth a thousand words; now imagine the impact of thousands of moving images in animation! It is a limitless medium. Anything can be created through animation and this is what makes it a powerful educational tool.

Q: Which one of your projects is especially dear to you, and why?

Dhimant. My favourite projects are Rag Malhar (Promo for Music Asia Channel), Creature Comfort of Aardman, title animation of Aamir Khan’s film ‘Taare Zameen Par’, Purple & Brown, and Shaun the Sheep created with multiple Oscar winner Aardman animation studio, U.K.

Q: What are your words of wisdom for a budding animator?

Dhimant. Enjoy the process of making films, as your passion shows in the end. It’s important to do quality work and strive to create the best because this will bring in the money later. Always be observant and ready to learn and explore and share your knowledge. With all this it is equally important to show integrity and honour your deadlines

Creative Gaga - Issue 46 - Cover

Published in Issue 46

We all design for different audiences and always keep trying to figure out what they would need and how will they react to our designs? But, one audience who is the youngest of all and most difficult to predict is ‘Kids’. So, to get more clarity, we focused on animation design, an extensively used medium to influence these young ones. We interviewed and feature experts opinion from the industry leaders such as Suresh Eriyat, Dhimant Vyas and Vaibhav Kumaresh to ponder on the use of animation for early education… So, go ahead


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Rob Draper is an artist and designer based in the UK, who is passionate about creativity and lettering. He specialise in hand lettering for branding and identity, editorial, large scale works, retail and apparel.


With this project, Rob wanted to go back to basics. The inspiration came from how elaborate can he take the ballpoint pen and the most ignored everyday items – Plastic bags, kitchen towels, pizza boxes, newspapers and more?


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A Visual Identity is not just about aesthetics and appearance. It’s about communicating brand ethos with flair, and Design Stack does just that for upGrad.

Brief / Challenge

upGrad is an online higher education platform. It provides university education online for working professionals, especially those who are looking for a change mid-career. The e-learning platform vouches for its quality education through partnerships with renowned universities and brands. Hence, the brand positioning and identity needed to reflect a professional and premium tone that is in line with the brand offering.


Design Stack redesigned the visual identity to help translate the vision of upGrad to the branding. The requirement was to bring forth the idea of professionalism, career upliftment and a supportive and conducive environment through visual cues.


For this Design Stack uses curved lowercase letters teamed with an uppercase ‘G’ to convey professionalism and approachability. The up-pointing arrow in the watermark perfectly communicates how the brand empowers learners to correct their career courses. The arrow also gives a sense of positivity and optimism.


The striking red colour signifies the burning passion to make a positive change in life.

All the elements used in the visual identity come together to represent professionalism, warmth, positivity, passion and a promise.

Design Stack

A well-established branding and design studio based out of Mumbai specialises in creating relevant brand identity and communication through structured research, rigorous brainstorming and in-depth understanding of the brand consumers. Design Stack has worked with a wide range of industry verticals which include brands like TATA, Penguin Publishing, Cox & Kings, Asian Paints and more. The studio has also received numerous prestigious awards.

For more, visit designstack.com

It has been well established that women are front-runners in their professional lives, they have made success stories of any venture they’re a part of and continue to make a mark for themselves in the world. What women entrepreneurship have achieved is well known. But the Associate Creative Director and Partner of GCD Studio, Shahana Jain‘s take on women achievers is not the ‘what’, but the ‘how’. How are they able to achieve their goals? What modifications are they ready to make in their personal lives? What impact do their surroundings have in their path to success?

Women Entrepreneurship

While enjoying a short break in the hills of Kasauli this weekend, I got some time to think about what women entrepreneurship means to me personally.

Every woman has her own way of structuring her life around what she wants to achieve. It is a function of her personal choices. If she wants she can find a way to balance work, home, family and children, therefore creating an environment conducive to success for herself and those around her.


For instance, GCD Studio is an all women’s team, led by a woman who believes there is no work-life separation. From bringing her children to work to taking a vacation to spend quality time with them, she has always encouraged the co-existence of work and life.

Women Entrepreneurship

In fact, ‘work-life balance’ (where work is seen as something outside of your life) is a misnomer. You find a balance when they are different. It is as much a part of our lives as anything else. I feel women understand their responsibilities well and can effortlessly juggle both work and home without neglecting either. Not to generalize, but because women are accustomed to multitasking they manage to get a lot done simultaneously.

Women Entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship

A workplace truly becomes your own when you feel the freedom to be able to bring your personal life into it. Citing my own example, I recently had a baby, and not for a day did it restrict me from continuing with my work. I could work from home and have colleagues over occasionally to work with me on a particular job.


Being women we understand each other’s personal commitments and needs and therefore create a sensitive and supportive environment in the studio. It empowers us to move forward no matter what. When you spend more than fifty percent of your day somewhere, it ought to be your second most favourite place in the world.

Women Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs in the creative industry, we find ways to balance profitability with investment in people. So while being driven and focused on work we also devise ways to make the studio creative and engaging. Deadlines and client calls are interspersed with occasional time outs.


I feel as women we tend to add softer elements to the work culture, like we have saree days, we play a game of taboo at lunch, or take an impromptu trip to Dilli Haat on a winter evening. Professional skills are layered with new learnings, like a recent photography workshop in Goa. This goes a long way in establishing a healthier and more productive work environment.

Women Entrepreneurship

Broadly speaking, women by their very nature create a nurturing environment around them. To value each other as individuals, encourage their creativity and out of the box thinking, to be sympathetic to shortcomings that others face without naming or shaming them are essential to the growth of any organisation.

There is no room for hierarchy, we’re not ‘bosses’ or ‘employees’, we’re just people who get together every day to do something we love. A flat structure with no silos allows everybody to be involved with every job happening in the studio. Which further means that if one person is crunched for time, or has a personal emergency, the others can cover.


I find that women are more cooperative in a team environment and especially when there is a non-threatening work culture that isn’t based on competition and one-upmanship. Values like these make it a place you want to come back to every morning.

Women Entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship

Having created our own unique work culture, GCD Studio continues to be among the leading design studios in the country. Having worked with an impressive list of clients, like the Oberoi and Trident Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels, The Times of India, Spicejet, Daawat, to name a few, as well as playing a key role in guiding new companies like Veeba, Eazydiner and Farmveda.


We consciously keep a balance between commercial projects that keep the bottom line healthy and socially supportive projects, which we often do pro bono. Moreover, taking our in-house work culture forward we have been able to create long term professional relationships with our clients; some more than 20 years.

Women Entrepreneurship

To conclude, when women choose to become entrepreneurs, they mean business! They often have given up some stereotypical role or broken a norm to do this – so often have to prove themselves. That is what gives them the drive to succeed and even do things differently. Women see their workplaces as extensions of themselves and an important means to achieve professional as well as personal growth.