Kriti Chaudhary

A graduate in Visual Arts from Camberwell College of Art, Kriti Chaudhary’s chance introduction to clay during her early years of product design made her realise the immense expression, tactility the medium offered and she found herself drawn to the ceramic medium. She is currently practicing as a designer-maker in New Delhi.

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Coming from a country of stories and storytellers, Indian animation professionals are sitting on a gold reserve. Yet, we are miles behind the Western world. We spoke to few leading names to find out the reason and understand the Indian animator’s sensibilities and practices The house unanimously opined that we need to develop more original ideas and also create exclusive stories for animation, rather than going the other way round.

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Here is a campaign of Japan Senses that mesmerises the viewer by retaining its traditional style, yet embracing a contemporary outlook. Kahori Maki’s work is breathtaking and inspiring.

Japan Senses
Japan Senses

Brief/ Challenges

Japan Senses is a project that brings Japanese products under one roof to showcase their qualities to the world. And for this, the campaign needed to have the right mix of tradition and global appeal.

The Solution

Kahori Maki collaborated with a host of talented individuals to create a story that not only demonstrated the Japanese culture in a new light to the world but the local Japanese as well.


The theme revolved around the traditional cherry blossom and the floral essence indigenous to Japan, with a contemporary spin that creates an immersive and surreal experience.

The larger than life-sized petals and floral form is breathtaking and mesmerising. The visual that comes together transports the viewer into an unreal alluring fantasy. The very modern take is simply an overlay on the traditional art, without robbing it off of its essence. The ‘Japan Senses’ is a beauty that leaves the viewer with goosebumps.




Digital art has permeated into every aspect of our lives. Advertising, branding, product designing, visual merchandising, performing arts, and even spatial interiors – we see it everywhere. But artists and designers need to think beyond the normal. Ideas need to be constantly flowing and techniques need to be regularly upgraded. Simply having a vision and the skill is just not enough. Artists need to equip themselves with relevant tools that become an extension of their existing skill set. Even beginners need to keep a look out to learn new ways to learn and up their art. And these creative apps do just that.

There are innumerable apps out there for artists. We’ve scouted around, and zeroed down on these creative apps that every artist or designer should explore.

1. Adobe Capture CC

Capture is an amazing app for all those who love to work with real world images. Through this app a digital artist can take picture and super impose it with art, vectors, patterns and so much. It’s a user friendly interface that has scope for vast design possibilities.

Adobe Capture CC Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Just like Photoshop Sketch, this app is a lighter version of the illustrator software. It’s an excellent tool for artists who heavily work with vectors. It also connects to you Creative Cloud account, through which files can be sent to the desktop app.

Adobe Illustrator Draw - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

3. Adobe Photoshop Mix

This is an amazing photo editing and compositing app. It offers the professional features of your desktop Photoshop in the form of a lighter and convenient app. Apart from being used a work app, it also provides the fun element to explore with photo cutting and creating interesting compositions.

Adobe PhotoshopMix - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

4. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This app is packed with all the goodness of the full fledged Photoshop software, but in a lighter version, that is great for artists on the go. The convenience of the full range of brushes, effects, filters and more, in an app, makes an essential tool for all artists, both experts and beginners. Photoshop Sketch also has the great feature of capturing drawings in time-lapse videos.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

5. Art Rage

This is a great app to create digital paintings, with colour mixing. It also offers features to add art to photos. It comes with layers to play with and is a powerful way to push one’s creative boundaries.

Art Rage - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

6. Asketch Drawing App

This is a simple to use app that provides a charcoal feel to art. The interface is intuitive and works beautifully in the background letting the artist focus on her work. It’s a great app both for beginners and advanced artists.

Asketch Drawing App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

7. Auryn Ink

This is a beautiful app to make great water colour art on the virtual canvas. The app provides multiple brushes with the feature to add or reduce the water as one pleases to create vibrant patterns and designs. This app is fun allowing both expert and amateur artists to explore their creativity.

Auryn - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

8. Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a professional creative app that serves as an excellent tool for seasoned artists. The app is intuitive and sleek with over 190 customisation brushes to choose from. It always capitalises on the phone camera, where one can capture a physical sketch and immediately work on it in the app. Sketchbook creating art is seamless and smooth.

Autodesk Sketch book - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

9. iColorama S

Here is a sophisticated app with an exhaustive range of brushes, textures, effects and photo editing features. One can also import custom made brushes from Photoshop with other options. This app is flexible and professional letting artists get completely immersed in the experience.

IColoramaS - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

10. Inkflow

Here is a simple to use app to make sketching notes with quick doodles, adding images, text and many more features to create interesting compositions. This is a great tool for design thinking and brainstorming ideas with easy scribbles to refer to later while working through the ideas.

Inkflow - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

11. Paper by Fifty Three

Here is a beautiful app among other creative apps to put down one’s creative ideas, for brainstorming, diagramming and note-taking. The vibrancy of the app really draws one in without being interrupted by the interface.

Paper By Fifty Three - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

12. Procreate Pocket

This is advanced app, light enough to work with. It is 3D sensitive and responds to the pressure of the strokes. It’s also equipped with hap tic feedback to give an authentic painting and drawing experience. The app comes with 136 brushes and over 50 settings to work with.

Procreate Pocket - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

13. Sketch Club App

The USP of this app is the community it brings with it. Through this app artists can connect and share their work with the community for users. It’s great place to discuss art, take feedback and explore what other artists are up to. This is apart from the powerful tools it provides like the high resolution brushes, filters and modes.

Sketch Club App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

14. Tayasui Sketches App

Tayasui is a very popular app among creative apps that is user-friendly with an array of possibilities. The media tools offered include felt pen, oil pastel, water colour and acrylic paint brushes. The ultra realistic feeling gives the artist an exceptional experience.

Tayasui Sketches App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

15. Vellum

Here is a beautiful app, especially for beginners. It’s a hassle-free drawing app that allows one to make realistic drawings with absolute ease.

Vellumi Phone Together - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download



Concept Artist, Raj Khatri, takes us through his step-by-step fan art progression of his favourite band, Iron Maiden. Starting with the initial sketches in the pages of his college notebook, he transports the sketching into the elaborate stages of adding drips and streaks; highlighting; playing with tones, and such other details, before finally reaching the envisioned representation.

From Sketch To Canvas

What Raj Khatri began as light sketches between the lines of his college notebooks, eventually found expression on the digital canvas. He executed and represented his love for the British band, Iron Maiden, through the application of layering processes; complex colour blocking; shading and blending, and the likes. He elaborates, in detail, each of these steps in detail, thus showcasing what it took to arrive at the final picture.

Step1 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 1

Started out by scanning copies of original sketches from my college notebooks, done in 2000-2001, proceeding onto digitally cleaning and balancing the black values to get the details and contrast out from the scanned images.

Step2 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 2

Since Iron Maiden are a British band, composing all of them in the shape of the Union Jack was the base concept, digitally linking the sketches was a primary step.

Step 3 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 3

Ready for digital painting, the first shading of mid tones were applied onto the top character, likewise isolating the layout into individual characters, before adding the second layer of shading and blending.

Stepa4 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 4

Shading with dark tones and blending in together, creases and wrinkles were brought into effect, adding the first layer of highlight.

Step 5

Colour blocking was applied to the second character, Eddie from ‘Seventh Son from the Seventh son’, followed by Midtone shading, highlighting and blending for the second character.

Step 6(a) Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga
Step6 (b) Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 6

The same process was then executed for the third character, Eddie from ‘Fear of The Dark’, as also for the fourth character, Eddie from ‘Best of the Beast’.

Step7 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 7

Recomposing all the shaded characters back together, adding a flat colour behind, made it possible to see how the shape was forming or coming together.

Step8 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 8

Proceeded onto colouring the characters using the gradient map, then drawing the basic shapes and streaks for drips on it.

Step9 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 9

Toning the dark values of red, and balancing the overall colour spectrum of the layout, before painting the details of shadows and highlights on the drips, finally adding the round edged border to the layout.

Step 10

Added more details to the drips, also placing the painted logo of the band in the center.

Step11 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 11

Adding additional drips and more details to them; adding shadow to the logo. Applied a layer of flash off-whitish beige colour on top of all layers in the ‘Darken’ mode.

Step12 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga

Step 12

Final colour adjustment, using colour balance and levels to manage the overall contrast and red values. Added sharpness by taking a merged copy of the layout on top of all layers and adding the ‘Sharpen’ filter. Then reducing the capacity to 60-70% as per your taste and finally completing the artwork.

Published in Issue 37

To answer some of the basic questions for designers, freelancers and creative studios, we interviewed some of the creative legends to guide and share their wisdom. The issue includes interactions with Preeti Vyas from VGC on ‘How to pitch for clients or retain the existing one’ and Ashish Deshpande from Elephant on ‘Challenges of working with a startup’. A must read, if you are planning for the financial year ahead or worried about your handling your money matter, this issue can give you much-needed insight and guide you to a better financial health of your business or freelancing. So don’t wait, just order your copy NOW!


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Is it the right time for rebranding? And what may be the pros and cons of missing this opportunity? Many questions surface in our mind when we think of rebranding. Here, Chandan Wadhwa, director of Lopamudra Creative, provides answers to some of them with his unique experience.

Changing your branding is a great move but it can also turn into an embarrassing goof. It’s a risky endeavour. Though a lot depends on the purpose of rebranding whether it is a turning point in the company’s history or a massacre of followers.


Whichever is your reason, but rebranding surely calls for great marketing efforts. Without it, the brand could just lose it all, as the old doesn’t exist and the new has no recognition. Like Airtel, Videocon and Micromax; all did a great marketing exercise after rebranding to capture the market and gain recognition.

It’s always and never the right time for rebranding. It’s a decision that is based on a lot of variables and comes down to your brand’s exact positioning in the market.


If rebranding has ever crossed your mind, then it’s a good indication to start researching. No one knows your customer and brand better than you. Just trust your gut!

If you are still indecisive about it then here are a few pros and cons of rebranding.


• A new vision. A new promise. And new customers.


• Your brand will be in sync with the industry trends and the new generation.


• You will be ready to grab fresh opportunities in the new market.


• Brings a fresh energy into a workplace. Employees stick around more expecting a better opportunity.


• It also surprises your competitors.


• Expensive and time taking exercise. Requires Patience unless you hire Fiverr (but then you are definitely screwed).


• If you change your visual marketing without changing the company focus or vision, customers will detect that the new image is just ‘the lipstick on a pig’.


• And rebranding without remarketing is a ‘Suicide’.


• Rebranding is sometimes confused with a change of ownership or even bankruptcy. So, if you don’t do the research and hire the right experts, you can end up confusing your existing clientele too.

To summarise, if you are thinking about a rebranding exercise, don’t forget that it is an overall strategy and not just as simple as changing your logo. Every element you change can have a significant impact on your brand image as a whole. Also, make sure your new brand identity should be consistently carried across all marketing channels

Published in Issue 34

This is a rebranding special issue focused on finding the answers to some of the basic questions like what is the right time for re-branding? or what all needs changing and how exactly? We interviewed some of the best branding studios like Landor Mumbai, Elephant, VGC, Inchwork, and many more. If you are considering rebranding or want to learn more about the art of doing it then this issue is a must-read. So, go ahead and


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