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Jan/Feb 2015
Release: 24 Jan 2015
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Creative Gaga kicks off the year with an issue that asks the important questions, is it the web that’s leading the brands or the other way around? With 2014 witnessing an increase in brands investing in digital marketing, 2015 will only be bigger. We can say India has accepted the revolution, where more and more people are opening browsers to e-commerce, literally window shopping, and setting up shops online as well. 

The issue brings together renowned designers with digital experience, who discuss and throw light on the pros and cons of this change and where we possibly are headed with this in the future. The issue sees Appiness Interactive, a young digital firm, talk about how they’ve tapped into the web and done wonders for brands. We’ve also got Chloe, a Berlin based designer, who believes the world wide web has the power to strip down walls and unify communication across borders and people. Also featuring the leading web font designers, Dave Crossland and Pathum Egodawatta, who are revamping Devanagari as part of the Google Fonts Project. 

Jan/Feb 2015