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Sept/Oct 2014
Release: 23 Sep 2014
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September issue explores yet another topic which is close to every designer – Business of Design. We try to understand from the experienced ones that when is the right time to open own studio and what more you should get in your toolbox before taking the plunge!

We had interactions with many talented studio founders like Rajesh Dahiya, Archan Nair, Ishan Khosla, Prasun Mazumdar and Anupam Tomer. Also featuring some of the best talent around the world such as Martin Grohs from Germany and Avi Sehmi from Cananda along with Sourajit Sengupta from New Delhi.

This issue not only provide answers to many questions but also initiate many new ones to explore further! We hope you will enjoy exploring the possibility of your studio with this issue. Happy reading!

Sept/Oct 2014