Mohor Ray - hired

Mohor Ray, co-founder of Codesign, explains the two most fundamental and key aspects that play a significant role and make the difference in whether you are hired or not as

Rohina Thapar - Free flowing

Sometimes, unplanned things happen to be the most cherished. Like a work of art that is created with no distinctive thoughts or direction. Employing this random tool in her designs,

Ancient Future

Finding the modern in the ancient is a matter of vision and desire, to renew the old in such a way that is thoroughly transformed in not only its form


While going to visit a museum may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it definitely does manage to get all of us excited when we are able to

packaging design

Packaging has gradually evolved from cardboard boxes or covers to keepsakes. As people realise the creative hard work behind beautiful packs, this hidden space is burgeoning to become a field

Animated Film

It’s a long way from an idea to an animated film. Particularly when you are creating your characters, environment etc. and then animating everything to come up with a nice

Graphite - Salavat Fidai

To most, the 'tip' represents or signifies only a minuscule portion of a greater and large phenomenon; an ending, rather, tapering merely into a limited possibility where potential draws to

logo design

The best logo design tutorial and advice to help you get the hang of all the functionality and techniques you might need for your next design project.


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