Gone are the days when Illustrators used to take the back seat in the advertising world. With things today, they’re emerging as the forerunners of some amazing and memorable communication

Vivek_Feature - Amitabh Bachchan

Faces are an interesting subject, and often we come across one that has an expression telling a story. Vivek Arvind Mandrekar saw one such story in Big B’s facial expression

AnandRK - Enlighten

In today’s digital world, traditional techniques and practices of illustrating and painting are getting lost. For example, who gets to see oil glazed on canvas in a design that is

Punjabi Jutti

Tasneem and Gauri share their idea of niche, worthy packaging for traditional Punjabi Juttis, a traditional hand-crafted footwear that is very much an intrinsic part of North Indian culture.

The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata has been told and depicted in various forms and formats. However, Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist, Mukesh Singh, never felt satisfied and believed there was more to the


Heartbreak and sorrow are emotions that everyone would have felt at some point in their life. That’s what makes Katherine Dawson’s illustration relatable; ones that people can look at and


Priya Amrut Shinde has followed a simple guiding principle through her art; love is supposed to complement. Through her unconventional interpretations of age old love stories, she has created minimal


Ben Kwok, who got his BFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach, takes us through his own experinces and insights gained as a keen illustrator.


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